GT Classroom Wish List 2016

Some of you have asked about items that you can contribute to our classroom.  Here is a list of products that would supplement our learning at this time:

White Filament for our 3d Printer

Gift Certificate for Mindware Online

Golf Umbrellas – We are in desperate need of some golf umbrellas that open automatically and are in good condition for those rainy days out in the GT portable!

Also, Amazon Gift Cards are great!

6 thoughts on “GT Classroom Wish List 2016

  1. Wow, lots of fun learning toys! I want to help. Please give me one of these to pick from and I’ll get it. Tell me here so everyone else knows. Thanks, Brett

  2. Katie would like to donate the Makey Makey Kit. Should I order it online, or give you the money to order it yourself (perhaps you have a tax-free number since it’s for your classroom?) Let me know! Thanks!

    • That is so generous! Mr. Hoffstadt has already offered to purchase the Makey Makey for our classroom. Would Katie like to choose something else, or should we get a second Makey Makey? Considering the excitement about that product, it would not hurt to have two!

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