November 10, 2017 Updates

There are lots of things going on in our GT classroom this month!  Before I give you the grade level summaries, here are a couple of announcements:

  • Don’t forget the GT Parent Orientation scheduled for Friday, November 17th, from 7:30-8:30 am in the GT Portable (see flyer below)
  • It’s gift-giving season.  Looking for some ideas for your children?  Every Friday in November and December, I blog about great books and games for kids.  Here is a link to my recommendations from past years, as well as a link to the what I have posted so far this year.
  • Speaking of blog posts, I highly encourage all parents to watch the video I posted last week regarding the challenges gifted students need.  I will be sending this out to our teachers as well.

1st Grade GT has been talking about convergent thinking (looking for clues to find a right answer) and divergent thinking (creativity).  They learned a few convergent thinking games: Chocolate Fix, Set, and Sudoku.  They also used divergent thinking to design their own Macy’s Parade balloons.

In 2nd Grade GT, the students have continued to learn about adaptations, and imagined what our classroom would need to look like if we got a wild animal as a class pet.  They are also working on some problem-solving with an activity called, “Find the X-Tile,” and continuing with “Splat.”

3rd Grade GT students are continuing their studies of the brain.  They have also begun brainstorming topics for their group Genius Hour project.  It looks like we may be studying volcanoes!

The 4th Grade GT class made some awesome onomatopoeia sound effects using Scratch coding and Makey Makey this week as they discussed more types of figurative language.  Check out their Seesaw portfolios where they shared their performances!

In 5th Grade GT the students are preparing for the Curiosity Club Convention, which is scheduled for December 11th.  They are also reading The Giver, and discussing how it relates to current events.  During problem-solving stations, they played Rover Control, worked on Logic Links, and tried out Noodlers.

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