October 30th GT Updates

Wow this month has flown!  I’m still working on routines to get the students regularly sharing GT work in Seesaw, so I thought I would do another blog post to keep everyone informed.

1st grade is up and running!  They have been working on Detective and Inventor Thinking.  Last week, I introduced the word, “convergent,” to describe Detective Thinking.  The students also learned how to play SET, and were the quickest group I’ve ever had to learn the rules!

2nd grade has been practicing their Thinking Hats (and metacognition), learning about behavioral and structural adaptations, and doing some tough math problem solving.  They also have been doing some creative thinking by imagining that our class has gotten an unusual class pet.  Can you guess the pets from their drawings and writing?

3rd grade is learning about the brain and how it is part of a system.  As a connection to that, they made paper circuit “brains” for monsters this week.  They are also learning the “legal moves” of Algebra in our Hands-on-Equations lessons.

4th and 5th grade were busy working on Design Thinking as they worked on their cardboard mini golf courses during the past couple of weeks.  We had quite a few challenges with their first big test – Howdy Night!  The fierce wind dismantled a few of the games, and the technology was hard to see and hear during with all of the crowds.  However, we got many comments about how fun the games were and there were lots of smiles!

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