October 2017

Best Practices

4c's logoThe 4 C’s

What are the 4 C’s? Do you remember when education was defined as the three R’s? Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic? We have entered the 21st century and this definition has changed. Now education is defined as the 4 C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Watch this short video for a brief explanation and check back here next month for lessons and tools that you can use in your classroom.



Digital DooDads

coggle logoCoggle

Coggle is a freeware mind-mapping web application. Coggle provides a great way for students to brainstorm and share resources through a collaborative flow chart. Watch the Coggle overview here.


Professional Resources

Google Tools for Special Needs Students

Google tools for special needs students logo

This blog post takes a look at over 30 Chrome web extensions that can assist students in five main categories:

  • Text to Speech
  • Readability
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Focus
  • Navigation

Download these extensions HERE


Social Media – Who to Follow

George Couros@GCouros: George Couros is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning. He has worked with all levels of school–from K-12 as a teacher and technology facilitator, school and district administrator, and is the author of the book “The Innovator’s Mindset”


@MathletePearce Kyle Pearce: If you’re a math teacher, you have to follow Kyle Pearce! Kyle likes to spark curiosity in students by making math contextual, visual & concrete. If you’re looking for some fun and authentic ways to teach math, Kyle is your guy!

Kasey Bell From her Twitter profile: Child of God, Teacher, Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, EdCamper, blogger…dedicated to making a difference in student learning.

*Interested in getting started on Twitter?  Contact your ITS!


Professional Development

TIP:  you can always search for professional development opportunities offered by Instructional Technology by browsing the “Online/Web,” “Technology Services,” or “Webinar” categories in Eduphoria.