March 2017

Supporting Best Practices

Formative Assessment

List 10 Things – About midway through a unit of study, instruct students to list ten things they have learned during the unit. Gather these lists and read through them to get an idea of where students are in regard to understanding. Look for gaps in learning or misunderstandings. These gaps and misunderstandings can be addressed in future lessons.

Idea from – Book Two: 60 Formative Assessment Strategies

Easily collect feedback from students using Google Forms, the questions option in Google Classroom, or Shout it Out in SMART Notebook. See video for Shout it Out Instructions:  


Instructional Strategies


This is a great way to collect feedback from students. Use this strategy as an icebreaker, pre-assessment, or as a way to introduce a new topic to get kids thinking. Develop an essential question.

  1. Develop an essential question.
  2. Develop 3-4 degrees of response.
  3. Students place a dot in the cell representing their initial response.
  4. Students place a dot in the cell representing their response after instruction takes place.


Try using “Dot Storming” to easily collect responses from your students digitally:

For more great strategies from Lead4ward click here  


Digital DooDads


With Toby, a Chrome Extension, you can finally manage your tabs the way you’ve always wanted. No more time wasted hunting for the information you need before your meetings – Toby is a free productivity tool that provides easy access to all of your sites. It lives in every new Chrome tab you open, so you always have instant access to your work


SMART UpdateWant to create a formative assessment piece in a few minutes that will give you feedback on student understanding without breaking the flow of your lesson? Try SMART Response 2. Check out the video with instructions on how to get started. You must update to  SMART Notebook 16.1 in the software center to get started


Are you looking for a tool to create a simple explanation video? If so, My Simple Show is the tool for you. This easy to use tool gives you the ability to add animated images, voice narration, and other visuals to get your point across. Best of all, you can login using your Google account. Videos work great as part of your blended learning strategy. Raise students’ attention or inform interested learners. Give an overview or provide context, introduce topics or lessons, create powerful presentations and make learning fun again! This would also be a great way for kids to demonstrate understanding on a topic, or provide an informative explanation.  Consider using it for ELL as it uses Text to Speech.


Professional Resources

Google Teacher TribeGoogle Teacher Tribe

The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast is a weekly podcast designed to give teachers practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools . Check it out for Google tips and tricks, important updates, and effective strategies for K-12 teachers. But wait…there’s more! There will  also be interviews with innovative and inspiring teachers.


Social Media – Who to Follow

Matt MillerMatt Miller – @jmattmiller

Matt Miller is a blogger who provides practical, “use it in class tomorrow” solutions to teachers’ classroom needs. He also helps them focus on what’s most important to keep education relevant. He is the author or “Ditch That Textbook

NEISD Twitter Chat

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Search for the title of the following courses in Eduphoria:

Face-to-Face courses:

  • Shift the Way you Deliver Content with Hyperdocs 3/6 @ 3:45; Encino Park ES
  • Assessment Tools (GoFormative & Socrative) 3/7 @ 5:15; Nimitz MS
  • Technology Playground 3/9 @3:45;
  • Web-based Product Creation Tools Online Course 3/10 @5:00
  • Shift the Way you Deliver Content with Hyperdocs 3/20 @ 3:30; Castle Hills ES
  • Assessment Tools (GoFormative & Socrative) 3/21 @ 4:30; Nimitz MS
  • Google Chrome Apps & Extensions 4/4 @4:30
  • Google Chrome Apps & Extensions 4/11 @4:30
  • Teaching With YouTube 4/18 @4:30


  • *None at this time

Online Self-paced:

  • Rethinking Classroom Space Due 3/10
  • Introduction to Google Drive Due 3/10
  • Google Slides Due 3/24
  • Google Sheets Due 3/21
  • Web Based Product Creation Tools Due 3/19
  • Digital Anchor Charts (online)
  • Using Read and Write for Google: An Accommodation Tool for K-12 Teachers
  • Web Based Product Creation Tools Online Course 3/10 to 3/19
  • Google Sheets – Chart & Formulas – Part 2 Due 4/7

TIP:  you can always search for professional development opportunities offered by Instructional Technology by browsing the “Online/Web,” “Technology Services,” or “Webinar” categories in Eduphoria.