October 2016

Supporting Best Practices

Formative Assessment

 SMART LabOne Sentence Summary

  1. List: During a lesson, have students list of the most important ideas of the lesson.
  2. Compose: Students review the important ideas they’ve recorded so far, then use what they’ve reviewed to compose one sentence to summarize the entire lesson.
  3. Time: Set a timer for one minute and ask students to compose their sentence. At the end of one minute, students share their sentences via Shout It Out in SMART lab in SMART Notebook 16.1 (download SMART 16.1 NOW) or Padlet. Or use the old fashion way and have students write them on paper and share out.


Instructional Strategies

K20 CenterFirst Turn/Last Turn

Working in small groups, students collaborate to identify key ideas, themes, and concepts from a reading. This structure specifically encourages students to take turns offering their insights on the text without interrupting others and serves as a guide to help students learn to converse productively in a group.

  1. Form groups of four to eight.
  2. Silently and simultaneously, members read a section of text and highlight three or four items that have particular meaning for them.
  3. Name a person to start in each group.
  4. During their turn, students share one of their highlighted items but do not comment on it. They simply name it.
  5. In round-robin fashion, the other group members comment about that item with no cross-talk.
  6. The student who shared the highlighted text takes a turn speaking last, sharing his or her reasons for highlighting the item and thoughts that may have arisen as a result of the discussion.
  7. Repeat the pattern around the table, each person sharing one of their highlighted items, so each member has the opportunity to comment on each person’s statement.

For more information on this strategy and to learn others, visit the K20 Center.


Digital DooDads

Twitter Chat

Twitter ChatWant to learn about the basics of participating in a Twitter Chat for the purpose of professional development? Visit this site to learn more:

Interested in facilitating a Twitter Chat in your classroom? Have a look at Alice Keeler’s resource on the topic.

Digital Scavenger Hunts


Are you looking for “real world” examples of math in your classroom? Here is a great way to get studentswalking the campus to see actual examples of math and how it applies to our everyday lives.

Check out this resource.

Lightspeed FlexmikeLightspeed Mic: Record Audio!

Did you know that you can use your Lightspeed microphone system to help you record videos? With a few simple steps, you can connect your microphone to your docking station and record videos with high quality audio while working on your SMART Board.  Check out these instructions.

byodUsing NEISD Wifi for the BYOD Network

As BYOD is rolled out across NEISD high schools this fall, users will access the NEISD Wifi network, NOT the Guest network.  The Guest Network will remain in place, but will be reserved for visitors to North East (non-NEISD students and staff).

For more information, visit the NEISD BYOD site.


Professional Resources

Dr. Brad Gustafson

t6prbjmqDr. Brad Gustafson is an elementary principal, author, and speaker. He believes schools can be spaces where creativity and innovation thrive, but only when we prioritize relationships and a relevant, connected pedagogy.

Glean some powerful resources at bradgustafson.com

horlineleafSocial Media

Follow Todd Bloomer @yankee_todd for more information regarding the upcoming NISD/NEISD collaboration. Please also join us on Mondays at 7:30pm for our weekly edchat by using the hashtag, #NEISDpln


*Interested in getting started on Twitter?  Contact your ITS!


  • #edcampneisd – Saturday, October 29, 7:30 am – 12 pm – Visit Todd Bloomer’s site for details and to register for this free event
  • Digital Anchor Charts (online)- https://goo.gl/Jinpem
  • Doing More with Vocabulary (Part 1) (online)- http://tinyurl.com/h84fx3k
  • Using Google Classroom with Your Students: (Monday 10/3/16) 3:45-4:45 PM at Hill MS (
    E106 7th Grade CLC)
  • Part 1: Google Classroom Toolkit (Monday 10/3/16) 4:00-4:30 PM at Northern Hills Elementary Library 0r 7:00-7:30 PM WEBINAR
    Description: In this session participants will learn how to use their Google Classroom to provide student access to external content as well as how to have students respond to external content within the Google classroom.
  • Part 2: Google Classroom Toolkit (Monday 10/24/16) 4:00-4:30 PM at Northern Hills Elementary Library 0r 7:00-7:30 PM WEBINAR
    Description: In this session participants will learn how to use their Google Classroom to have students respond on a template and also have students create products from scratch.
  • Part 3: Google Classroom Toolkit (Monday 11/14/16) 4:00-4:30 PM at Northern Hills Elementary Library 0r 7:00-7:30 PM WEBINAR Description: In this session participants will learn how to use their Google Classroom in conjunction with Google forms.
  • Secondary SMART AMP Cohort (Thursday 10/20/16) 4:45-6:15 PM at Tex Hill Middle School E106: Learn to connect students to a workspace using Smart AMP. Bring your laptop; skill level beginning to advanced.

TIP:  you can always search for professional development opportunities offered by Instructional Technology by browsing the “Online/Web,” “Technology Services,” or “Webinar” categories in Eduphoria.