August 2016

Supporting Best Practices

Formative Assessment

3, 2, 1 – Have students provide feedback in a variety of ways

  • 3 things you learned, 2 things I found interesting, 1 question I still have
  • 3 things you learned, 2 questions you have, 1 summary sentence
  • 3 differences between ___ 2 effects of __ on ____ 1 question you still have about the topic
  • 3 important facts, 2 interesting ideas, and 1 insight about yourself as a learner
  • 3 keywords, 2 new ideas, 1 thought to think about
  • Write 3 questions about the text (unfamiliar words, confusing passages or ideas), write 2 predictions based on the text (what will happen next based on the reading), and make one connection based on the text (connect to something you know or have experienced). 

Have students generate an exit ticket, or use one of the following tools to collect the information:


Instructional Strategies

Beginning of the Year Ice Breakers: 

Nearpod provides a great way to get seamless feedback from your students using any device with a web browser.  With Nearpod you can turn off your project and interact with your Nearpod.comstudents on any mobile device, iPad, or your laptop.  Feel free to circulate in your classroom and interact with your students. You will no longer be tied to the front of the classroom.  You can easily create a Nearpod account by using your Google log-in.  


Digital DooDads

Survival GuideBeginning of Year Survival Guide

The Secondary Instructional Technology team would like to extend a warm welcome to all returning and new teachers, alike.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!  We understand that the beginning of the year can be a tenuous time, and we are here to help.  Please check out our Beginning of the Year Survival Guide.

Who is my ITS or technician?Who is my ITS/Technician?:

What’s the difference?  Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) are here to provide you with best practice solutions to instruction as it applies to technology integration in the classroom; whereas, Technicians are available to help whenever you encounter a hardware or software difficulties. They are best reached with the submission of a Help Desk Ticket.

Training for Google Chrome ExtensionGoogle Apps Training (Repeat):

Interested in learning more about how to use Google products.  Introducing the “Training for Google Apps” extension for the Chrome browser.  Simply install the extension by going to the Chrome Web Store at this link,  and whenever you are in a Google app (e.g., Google Docs, Google Classroom, etc.), click on the “Training for Google Apps” logo (*pictured here) at the top right for on-demand training in real time!

Lightspeed Flexmike Lightspeed Mics (Repeat): 

Looking for resources for your new Lightspeed classroom mic?  Click HERE for resources.  Also, wondering why you have a Lightspeed mic?  Watch this VIDEO to better understand why NEISD purchased these classroom tools.


Professional Resources

Edudemic.comEdudemic: Edudemic was created in 2010 and has since grown into one of the most popular destinations to cover teaching, learning, and how technology positively shapes our education. Check out their “Teacher’s Guides” page:


horlineleafSocial Media

Upcoming District-Wide PD

  • Save the date:  Super Saturday September 17

TIP:  you can always search for professional development opportunities offered by Instructional Technology by browsing the “Online/Web,” “Technology Services,” or “Webinar” categories in Eduphoria.