May 2016

Supporting Best Practices

Formative Assessment


Formative is an awesome web-based tool (works on any device with a web browser) that will afford teachers the opportunity to quickly build a custom assessment that will easily collect student responses. In the age of data collection and instant feedback, this is a wonderful addition to a teacher’s toolkit.

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Instructional Strategies

Four CornersMystery Content Area (Four Corners) – from Lead4ward

  1. Organize students into four groups using a 4-Corners activity (sorting the students):
  • Corner 1 – like Coca-Cola best
  • Corner 2 – like Sprite best
  • Corner 3 – like Dr. Pepper best
  • Corner 4 – like Gatorade best

Corner designations may be various types of candy, soft drinks, vacation destinations, sports, types of food, etc.

padlet logoFor a Technology Twist, create a padlet  and have students post in the virtual corners of the board. In each corner link a google document where they can collaborate their answers and either defend or prosecute.

  1. Place posters in the 4 corners of the room representing a popular sport, soft drink, or candy bar.
  2. Ask students to move to the corner that represents their favorite choice.
  3. Students are provided an assessment item, which they collaborate to answer in their corners.
  4. Assign each corner a specific answer choice – either A, B, C, or D.
  5. Each corner is asked to either DEFEND or PROSECUTE their assigned response as either innocent of any content crimes (the correct answer) or guilty of a content crime (incorrect responses.)
  6. Student groups present their “defense” or their “prosecution” and the whole class then votes on which answers truly were guilty and which is innocent.
  7. The teacher clarifies/verifies.

NOTE: Student groups MAY choose to try and trick the class by purposefully defending an incorrect answer to make the other students identify a flaw in their reasoning.

Consider using Google Slides to reduce your prep time by eliminating the need for paper copies or class sets. Slides can easily be accessed on an iPad or Chromebook during the review.


Digital DooDads


Synergyse.comHave you noticed the latest feature in Google? Whether you are using Docs, Sheets, Drive, or any other Google product, you can click on the resource link and access short and specific how-to resources to get help you answer those Google questions.

Back That Google Up!

Google Takeout:  especially useful for graduating seniors, teachers or students, who are leaving the Google Classroomdistrict and want to take their Google files with them.  Allows users to backup Google Drive, gmail, Youtube, and other Google files. Check it out!

Google Classroom Archive: At the end of a semester or the school year, you may want to archive a class to preserve the class materials, assignments, and any postings to the class stream. When you archive a class, you no longer see it among your other classes and work—it’s moved to a separate area to help keep your current classes organized.  Unless a class is archived, it continues to show up in student’s active classes so teachers may want to archive inactive classes.

Mystery Skype/Mystery Hangout

Mystery Skype/Mystery Hangout (What is a Mystery Skype/Mystery Hangout?)

Mystery Hangouts (or Skype) provide an engaging way for classrooms to introduce themselves to each other. The concept is simple: Using Google Hangouts or Skype, classrooms video call each other and try to guess where the other classroom is located either in the United States or in the world. It’s a game of 20 questions with each class taking a turn to ask a  specific question about their location. Join the Google Plus Community to connect with a classroom. See your ITS for help!

Lightspeed Mics (Repeat): 

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Professional Resources


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a website operated by a team of dedicated teachers which offers edtech reviews, tutorials, and tips for teachers.  Check it out! You can also follow them on Twitter.

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