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State Law and NEISD policy require medically validated up-to-date records of immunizations to be on file for all students. Immunization records must be as complete as medically feasible. To claim exclusions for medical reasons or reasons of conscience, including a religious belief, please contact the school nurse or NEISD Health Services at 356-9244.

NEISD immunization requirements and info


We want children to learn that taking medication is a serious responsibility and should only be consumed when truly necessary and under the care of a physician.


Medication may not be kept in the classroom or administered by the teacher.

  • Medication sent in plastic wrap, foil, jars, paper towels, or envelopes cannot be given; it must be in the original prescription container.¬†
  • Children may not carry medication on the bus, in their lunch boxes, or on their person.
  • Medication can not be sent back and forth on the bus, nor is a child allowed to carry medicine to and from school.
  • Parents are to bring medication(s) to the school nurse in the school clinic.
  • Parents must provide all needed prescription medication; the school does not provide any medications, i.e., Tylenol.

NEISD medication forms

For students with special diet needs, the Meal Modification Request form found on the School Nutrition Services web site must be submitted to the District yearly by the parent or guardian.  Meal modification requests expire at the end of the school year and must be submitted yearly.

NEISD severe allergies

The Asthma Awareness Education Program will address the needs of students and staff by creating a healthy environment and by providing technical and educational resources for the students and staff on air quality and asthma management.

NEISD Asthma Awareness Education Program

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