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Man’s Best Friend


It’s truly amazing how many things dogs can do for us! “Dogs have the ability to sense when a human with Type I diabetes suffers a low blood sugar episode, and scientists have discovered how they are able to do this.”

No harm done… except possibly to your wallet


“There are two types of new therapies that Halperin and many other researchers are focused on right now: physical exercise and cognitive brain games.” New Therapies for ADHD: Buyer Beware  

Is your epi-pen too expensive?


I came across several great resources for those with allergies that require epinephrine autoinjectors: General overview of options for obtaining and affording epi-pens Epipen savings card GoodRx will give you a cost comparison (check other meds as well) from multiple pharmacies A non-profit pharmacy (who knew?) One possible problem is that your prescriber wrote for […]

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