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Lice is nothing to fear


“Q:  So, if it is head lice? A:  I would clap my hands together and exclaim, “Oh, isn’t that wonderful! It’s only head lice.” Of all of the things your child could bring home from school, head lice would be the least concerning.” ‘Do not fear the child with head lice’: Harvard entomologist says infested […]

North East ISD holds its 3rd Annual Cafeteria Taste Test


SAN ANTONIO — The Center for Disease Control says close to one-third of children age 10 to 17 in Texas are considered overweight. But on Wednesday, one area school district took a step towards healthier food options by giving students a say in which foods end up on next year’s lunch menu. Read the story here And don’t forget […]

My stomach hurts!


Children can frequently complain of stomachaches.  There are many causes of stomachaches in children and it can be hard to tell what the reason may be. But did you know that constipation is the number one reason for stomachaches in children? 12 SIGNS YOUR CHILD IS CONSTIPATED (AND WHAT TO DO)

Harvard hopes to build wearable tech for detecting, treating allergy attacks


A group of Harvard researchers, supported by the family of one Massachusetts teenager who lost her life to an allergic reaction, has announced a new project to one day turn those emergency adrenaline shots into an automatic injection device that people wear on their bodies. While a marketable solution is likely still years away, scientists […]

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