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Canyon Ridge Coyotes Exceed our Goal


  The Kids Walk was AMAZING! The Canyon Ridge Coyotes are the BEST and I am so proud of all of you!!! One of the things I am grateful for this year is being the nurse for this wonderful bunch of parents and kids. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL Y’ALL and see you in December

Canyon Ridge Kids Walk for a Cure


We will turn Type One into Type None Did you know that 40 kids are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) each day in the United States alone? That’s like a whole classroom of kids! Can you imagine? But that’s why our school is hosting a JDRF Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes on 11/21/2014—so that […]

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Bottoms Up!


US kids don’t drink enough water!   One of the most often heard complaints in the nurse’s office is headache. Did you know headaches can be a sign of dehydration? Even mild dehydration can have negative effects on the body and many times the signs and symptoms can go unrecognized. Signs of mild to moderate […]

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