Image Loop

Image Loop is a nice tool for sharing pictures. You can add comments under the images, I just didn’t do that. These are some pictcures I took with my new lens when I was out for a walk in the little park behind my house. I love this new lens and I love this website.

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iPad Tips

I was recently turned on to a few websites that are great for those new iPads that are going out all over the district. Check out these great sites: Tips & Tricks Live Binder: iPads in Schools Education Apps Review– IEAR Google docs list of hot apps- IEAR Pretty cool stuff out there.

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Another tool that was shared at our ITS shareout was Bookr. This is a tool that allows you to make a beautiful online book with photos from Flickr Creative Commons. You can embed the book on your teacher web or blog, like I have here. I especially like that you can search for pictures with…

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Hott Notes

One of the ITS’s shared with me today a great tool They are just little sticky notes for your computer but I really like these because you have the option to create a checklist on the note which I really like. I also like the alarm setting. They are very easy to use. FUN STUFF.

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