SAMSA Field Trip

Take a school-issued iPad on a field trip??? YES! I say yes. This is just what some of the students at ISA did on their field trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art. Take a look at some of the artifacts they created with the photos they took while they were there. Some of…

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Snapguides on Social Norms

Studying social norms is a norm of Sociology. Cassie Allen had her students create How To guides using Snapguide to demonstrate their study and observation of social norms. In her classes there are 4 foreign exchange students. I thought this was interesting because most of the groups decided to focus on American social norms. This means…

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Chaucer and ScribblePress

Our wonderful librarian, Sharon Swarner and one of our fabulous ELA teachers, Carin Schramm teamed up to create a wonderful iPad lesson using ScribblePress. They have graciously allowed me to post their ideas for you to use and adapt. Thanks, Sharon and Carin! The students were to be responsible for 7 of the “Canterbury Tales”.…

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TechForum Austin, 2012

Lisa Johnson, Jon Samuleson and I will present  “App-tivities in the Classroom” at Tech Forum on November 8, 2012. Each one of us will present on the level we currently teach with. Jon will talk about apptivities in the Elmentary level, Lisa in Middle School and me in High School. I will focus on some…

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Banning Books

The American Library Association has “Banned Books Week”. Mr. Dehart created a great day of stations and discussion for his class surrounding this topic. The class had finished reading Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron” about censorship. Then the class divided into 5 groups. Each class had a representative from the campus club “Artists Rights…

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