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The American Library Association has “Banned Books Week”. Mr. Dehart created a great day of stations and discussion for his class surrounding this topic.

The class had finished reading Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron” about censorship. Then the class divided into 5 groups. Each class had a representative from the campus club “Artists Rights Movement” (ARM). 4 of the stations had iPads while the 5th station had the ARM member.

Stations each had a task:

Station 1: The focus of  this station was definitions. The definitions station had students reviewing the concept of challenged and banned books, also highlighting what type of organizations have asked for a ban. Students wrote down definitions they found important, such as “challenged means….”students reviewed those concepts via the American Library Associaton’s website.

Station 2: Students looked at the list of banned books and chose a book they had read. In their group they discussed the book and what impact that book had on them.

Station 3: Students watched a video essay about banned books on the iPad from the chairperson of the library’s Banned Books Week. Students documented “take aways” or things they think the creator wanted the watchers to take away with them after watching the video.

Station 4: In preparation for their own interviews, students watched a video of Setphen Chbosky being interviewed and reading from his book Perks of Being a Wallflower on the iPad. Again, students were asked to do a “take away” this time focusing on what they might use in their own interviews.

Station 5: A member of ARM presented on information about a book from the banned books list that had impacted them. Similar to station 2, but this one was a pre-prepared presentation from an ARM member.

After the day of stations in class. Students in their groups were offered a choice to create bumper stickers that would give a statement of their ideology which would distill what they discussed and spoke about at the stations. Each group member would be responsible for their own sticker. A choice of writing a poem in Visual Poet is offered.

Bumper stickers made in Popplet Lite as a group:

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