We have a new Spanish teacher at my high school. She teaches Spanish 1 to freshmen. I popped in on her one day for a technical issue. I mentioned that I help mostly with the instructional side of technology. That little sentence was all it took. “Oh yeah?” she says, “Like what?”
“Well, how about a lesson with the iPads?”

Take a little peek at one sample of what the kids did with MadLips:

She had a sheet with questions in Spanish that the students filled out with responses. These questions would later be used for their oral exam. There are something like 15 questions and some conjugations on the back they were responsible for learning. During the exam, the student would pick 3 numbers from a hat and those would be the questions they would have to answer during the exam. Mrs. Stringfield though that using MadLips on the iPad would be a fun way for the students to practice answering the questions. We asked the students to pick the 1 or 2 that were the hardest for them to record on the iPad. They had a blast. Listening back to themselves was an excellent way for them to hear their errors and pronunciation difficulties to practice and become more fluent with those words and phrases.

The kids and teachers alike had a lot of fun with this one.

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