3rd Grade Creates Digital Versions of Their Zoom Pics

Today’s post is brought to you by Alexa, our blogger, and Luke, our photographer.

Today on the iPads, we did ‘’Would You Rathers?’’.  All of the “Would You Rathers?” involved math because all of them had numbers that you had to multiply,add, etc. We also made slideshows that showed pictures of places or things that were re-zoomed.  Re-zoom means to make a picture, then on your next picture you would draw the same thing, but smaller with more things on the sides.We also thought of a problem we had, then we came up with five why’s.  After that we came up with the answer to all of the questions and came up with a possible solution to fix the problem we had.

Cardboard Arcade Videos



We have 2 videos so far to advertise our Cardboard Arcade for Wednesday night! The first one was created by Jordan G. in 5th grade.  The 2nd one is a compilation of pics and videos taken of the student during the construction process.  Enjoy!

Kid President Has a Television Show!


Many of the students in my upper grades are familiar with Kid President, whose short, inspirational videos I’ve shown in the past.  He now has a television show on the Hub network.  If you are like me, and haven’t heard of Hub, you can go to this link to find out which local channel it is, based on your zip code and service provider.  Or, you can view the episodes online.  Here is a link to the full episodes, which are about 22 minutes long.  So far, there are three episodes: Heroes, Families, and Dreams.  These are great to watch with the family – funny and very motivational! In case you are new to Kid President, you can also visit his website, where there are links to the previously mentioned short productions.  The favorite for the students seems to be his Pep Talk.

Summer Learning Opportunities

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I hope everyone is enjoying your summer so far!  I have been happily sleeping late and devouring books in between doctor’s appointments and cleaning my closet:)

I plan to post to the blog once a week this summer.  This week, I wanted to direct you to some of the posts I’ve been doing on my professional blog, as they are all about fun ideas for “avoiding the summer slide.”

I also want to give you some links to the projects from our first week of our online class, Make a Theme Park, for 3rd-5th graders.  This week, the students designed rides for their theme parks.  Here is the link for the Family entries. And, here is the link for the Individual entries.  I love the creativity!  As Joey Hudy, our celebrity guest judge for the week says, “Don’t be bored! Make something!”

5th Grade Works on a Music Video


This morning, 5th grade wanted to watch me dissect one of the sheep eyeballs that I had left over from 3rd grade. I’m starting to be an expert at cutting those up! (That’s something I never thought I would say…)

Then we worked on trying to make a music video using an app on the iPads and the song, “Hall of Fame” by The Script. I am in the process of getting permission from the band to use their song, and am keeping my fingers crossed that they will give us the go-ahead. I like the message of the song – to try your best to reach your goals, and to not depend on luck.

The students brainstormed what they could be doing during the video, and one of them came up with the idea of using picture frames around their faces to make it look like a Hall of Fame. So, each one wrote one of the professions he or she aspires to, and attached it to the frame. Then they worked in groups to come up with movements for the other parts of the song.

We are not quite finished. Hopefully we will have time after our Toyota field trip next week to complete it and polish it up.