3rd Grade Learns Tinkercad

This week, the 3rd grade GT students started to learn how to design 3d objects using an online program called Tinkercad.  The students spent most of their time exploring the different tools and doing a couple of tutorials.  Our goal is to have the students begin designing different types of coral to print out, and possibly inventions that might help the coral reef by the end of this year.

The 3rd graders also got introduced to word problems where they need to apply what they have learned about algebra so far.  They caught on very quickly, so they actually flew through Lessons 1 & 2!

Tinkercad image from Kevin Hodgson on Flickr

2nd Grade Begins 3d Design for Lunchboxes

The 2nd graders have gone through several tutorials in Tinkercad, and they are finally getting the chance to try to re-create their biomimetic lunchboxes that they sketched a couple of months using Tinkercad’s 3d modeling.  It has been a learning experience for all of us, and we are discovering lots of different features in Tinkercad that can help us!

Speaking of 3d modeling, we hope to eventually print the lunchboxes using our 3d printer that was generously donated to our class through Donors Choose.  This week, the 2nd graders worked on making you thank-you cards for some of the donors – one of whom is the father of one of our GT 2nd graders!

The 2nd graders are also working on some tough math lessons that are actually an introduction to algebra.  They are called, “Balance Benders,” and show shapes on a balance beam to help students use algebraic concepts.  I think they will agree that the exercises started out fairly easy, but have definitely increased in difficulty!

Photo Mar 28, 8 51 19 AM Photo Mar 28, 8 51 26 AM

Photo Mar 28, 11 05 42 AM Photo Mar 28, 11 09 15 AM

2nd Grade “Builds Big”

The 2nd graders explored some of the interactive features on the Building Big website to learn more about different things that can effect the sturdiness of structures. Then they spent more time working in Tinkercad (using the Project Ignite website).  We all tried to build houses in Tinkercad, and we all found it challenging!  But we are learning from our mistakes, and definitely making progress.  Hopefully we will be able to start designing our 3d lunchboxes soon!

2nd Grade Works on Tinkercad

I’m so sorry because I forgot to take pictures during 2nd grade GT this week! They were finishing up their clay prototypes of their lunchboxes, and then the students spent the rest of the class time doing a Tinkercad tutorial. Tinkercad is computer software for design.  We are going to be using it to try to make the lunchboxes on the 3D printer.  For right now, the students are just learning about the tools, and discovering all of the different ways to manipulate shapes in the software.  I told them that they are my first class in that age group to try Tinkercad, and most of them seem excited about the challenge!

5th Grade Takes Design to a New Level

Since many of the 5th graders have already gone through an enrichment program Mrs. Lackey and I are doing this year during Target Time, several of them were already familiar with designing in Tinkercad.  They go the opportunity to try some of the more advanced lessons on Thursday, while I helped a couple of students learn the basics.  I was really impressed by how quickly the novice students caught on.  The experienced students designed all sorts of new products, such as a coffee cup (somewhat miniaturized) for Mr. Mullin and a pencil holder for Mrs. Bailey.  This class is definitely ready to start designing for real-world problems next semester!

4th Grade Learns Tinkercad

Like the 3rd graders, the 4th grade GT class also got a tutorial on Tinkercad this week.  Using the browser-based design program, the students were able to learn the basic tools and to apply them to creating small 3d printed gifts for their teachers.  We weren’t able to complete the prints for all of them during GT time, so some of the students were generous enough to use their recess time to paint the gifts on Thursday before giving them away.  Next semester, they will be ready to begin some other masterpieces on our new printer!