2nd Grade Makes ThingLinks

The 2nd graders chose different structures today to research using the Building Big website.  They took some notes, and shared them by creating interactive images called ThingLinks.

When you roll your mouse over an image in a ThingLink, you can access information on each “target” on the image.

ThinkLinks also allow you to share other media, such as videos, but the students are just beginning to learn how to create them.

The students also spent time in problem solving centers again, and some of them worked on finishing their K’nex bridges.

3rd Grade Presents Their ThingLinks

The 3rd graders did a short research project on Leonardo da Vinci, and created “ThingLinks” with their research.  Here are some links to their images:




They presented their ThingLinks to the class – each on a different aspect of Leonardo’s life.  We talked about the meaning of “Renaissance Man” and how da Vinci was gifted in many ways, but also had some weaknesses (such as perfectionism).

We continued with Lesson 2 of Hands-On-Equations, and the students began using the manipulatives to represent the Algebra problems.

Unfortunately, due to Early Dismissal, we did not have time for programming today, so we will hopefully continue with that next week.

1st Grade Shares GT Memories

We have one more 1st grade GT class, and almost all of the students have completed their country presentations. I have posted a couple more below for your viewing pleasure!

Also, I took a picture of the class, and videotaped them telling me their favorite activity in GT this year. If you roll over the picture below, you will see dots that are links to each of the videos. Just click on a dot, and it should take you to the student’s video. It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives they each have of what we have done in class!

2nd Grade Shares Some GT Memories

I am so sad that today was my last class with 2nd grade! We spent the morning talking about what they had learned, doing some QR code reflections, and “playing” with some of the structure manipulatives. I also recorded each of them sharing a favorite GT memory, and linked the videos to a picture of the class. If you roll your mouse over the picture, you will see little dots on each person, and you can click the dot to watch his or her short video.

In addition, I have included the final batch of Powerpoint presentations created by the kids about their bridges. I am so proud of everyone’s hard work this year!