2nd Grade Works on Making Prototypes

Once the students completed the diagrams of their biomimicry lunchboxes, they began to brainstorm possible names and to create prototypes with clay. Some of them have already found out that parts of their design are not really cooperating when they try to make “real-life” versions, which is a good lesson to carry with them when they try to 3d print the lunchboxes they have imagined!  Next class, the students will be working on learning to use Tinkercad, the 3D design program we will be using on the computers.

2nd Grade Studies Ants

In case you haven’t heard, we got a batch of ants this weekend, and introduced them to their new habitat in GT this morning.  Mrs. Eichholz had to be crafty because she put the ants in a jar when they came in the mail on Saturday to keep them from dying in their mail tubes.  Ants aren’t easy to transfer, so she cut a hole in the jar, and put the ant farm tube into the hole.  The ants have sent out a few sentries to check out the ant farm, but so far they seem unimpressed!  The jar seems perfectly comfortable to them.

We also did some S.C.A.M.P.E.R. to exercise creative thinking today.  You can see a few cute examples below.

Math problem-solving continued with some more Venn Perplexors.  The students worked hard to make some progress on these tough challenges.

2nd Grade Writes Scripts

The 2nd graders will be creating short Puppet Pals videos about the structures they are researching. They used their notes this week to write out scripts.  Most groups have chosen backgrounds and characters, and will be ready to start “filming” next week with the Puppet Pals app on the iPads.

They also worked on centers.  Most of the students really wanted to create the Suspension Bridge with the K’nex kits, so that was what the majority of the class chose to spend their time on.  They definitely seem to enjoy building!

We are also participating in a “Squiggle Challenge” with a school in Minnesota, in which the students were asked to design anything they liked out of a squiggle (everyone had the same squiggle to start).  It was awesome to see that no two students came up with the same idea!