2nd Grade Creates Puppet Pals Videos

The 2nd graders worked hard to create Puppet Pals videos this week that reflected use of the Thinking Hats.  The scenario was that the characters were deciding what to have for Thanksgiving dessert.  In the dialogue, the students had to show the use of at least three Thinking Hats (Benefits, Judgement, Creativity, Information, and Feelings) to make the decision.  Here are photos of their preparation and their final videos.

2nd Grade Finishes Puppet Pals Presentations

Due to the field trip on Monday, 2nd grade GT was held today, Wednesday.  Our last class is next Monday since there is no school the last Monday of May (Memorial Day).

Last week, the students recorded presentations about their structures using the Puppet Pals app, but they realized they needed to revise them after we played them in class.  This week, they worked on improving them.  Unfortunately, we could not play them for everyone as our projector seems to have shorted out due to the big storm the other night!

The students also tried out a new iPad game called “Words.” It is similar to the Tangram game they have been playing during centers, but this time they used letters on the table to guess words that were on the screen. They seemed to agree that this game is their favorite!  It is currently being beta tested, but the company hopes to make a big announcement next week about when it will officially go on sale.

2nd Grade Works on Puppet Pals Creations

The 2nd graders recorded their Puppet Pals videos today – but most of them agreed that they would like to make some changes to make them even better. So, we won’t be sharing them just yet!  In the videos, the students are tour guides for the structure they are researching.  I’ve included some still shots from their videos below.

While each group recorded next door, the other students worked on some Perplexers and Do-Riddles.  Both of these activities were pretty challenging, but no one gave up! Even I decided to try one of the Perplexer puzzles myself, and had to erase and start all over.

So, I would say that our theme for today was to learn from our mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude 🙂

2nd Grade Writes Scripts

The 2nd graders will be creating short Puppet Pals videos about the structures they are researching. They used their notes this week to write out scripts.  Most groups have chosen backgrounds and characters, and will be ready to start “filming” next week with the Puppet Pals app on the iPads.

They also worked on centers.  Most of the students really wanted to create the Suspension Bridge with the K’nex kits, so that was what the majority of the class chose to spend their time on.  They definitely seem to enjoy building!

We are also participating in a “Squiggle Challenge” with a school in Minnesota, in which the students were asked to design anything they liked out of a squiggle (everyone had the same squiggle to start).  It was awesome to see that no two students came up with the same idea!

1st Grade Prepares for the Summer!

In our last class for this school year, the 1st graders practiced doing some “Animal Sudoku” puzzles. I plan to include some in a summer packet that will be in their report cards, and I wanted to go over strategies with them before they get their packets. They seemed to enjoy solving them, but I warned them that they will get harder on the packet pages!

I forgot to do some editing on some of the projects I included in our last post. Cristian’s Germany project and favorite memory have been changed, so I have included them in today’s post again.

4th Grade’s Last Day for the Year

4th grade was busy today: finishing up projects, reflecting on the year, and participating in a virtual scavenger hunt.  I made sure I fit in a class photo in the morning before everyone went their separate ways.  I have a few projects to share with you that are embedded below. I hope that everyone has an awesome summer and comes back energized for 5th grade GT!

1st Grade Shares GT Memories

We have one more 1st grade GT class, and almost all of the students have completed their country presentations. I have posted a couple more below for your viewing pleasure!

Also, I took a picture of the class, and videotaped them telling me their favorite activity in GT this year. If you roll over the picture below, you will see dots that are links to each of the videos. Just click on a dot, and it should take you to the student’s video. It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives they each have of what we have done in class!

5th Grade Finishes Up a Few More Projects!

We only have one more class of 5th grade GT, and the students are doing their best to finish up their remaining projects. Below, I am sharing with you one Dream Team project, and a few Genius Hour ones. Because the “Cold War Tech” Powerpoint includes some pictures of weaponry, I am only including the link, rather than embedding it into this post.

Cold War Tech Powerpoint