3rd Grade Learns P.M.I.

Here are some reflections from the 3rd graders about class this week:

Olivia – We made a Pic Collage on Pic Kids for our brain by using the iPad, the magazine, and other resources like apps to come together to make a report on what we learned about brains.

Aditi – We did math and found patterns. It took a little while but we kept trying.  Mrs. Eichholz showed us that all the numbers in the threes had a pattern. It was fun.  We worked together.

Dylan – We had to write about a costume (afraid of socks) and we said things were pluses and minus and whats intresting.

Harrison – We took notes about our partners little story and then we were going to say the partners story next week and this helped us because when taking notes we can understand the story better but the rules is if the speaker talking fast you need to take notes not long and correct sentences.

Max – PMI means plus minus and interesting we looked at a new type of lucky charms thats all marshmellows and we get plus minus and interesting from the white yellow and green hat.

Below are some pictures taken by our photographer, Olivia, as well as the Brain Pic Collages by the students.


2nd Grade Memories for 2014-2015

The 2nd graders got to look through our old class blog posts on their last day of GT.  They chose pictures that represented some of their favorite GT activities and made Pic Collages of them.

They also got to build structures one more time, using Zoobs, Magnatiles, and a Marble Run Kit.  In between building and reminiscing, they were able to go to the library to see our new 3D printer in action.  We printed a medal designed by one of the students.  It took 2 hours to print!  (Now we know we should make our designs a tad bit smaller!)

It has been a wonderful year in 2nd grade GT!

2nd Grade Reflects on Their Year

It was very difficult to say farewell to the 2nd grade GT students today!  It’s hard to believe that this year has flown by so quickly.  We have lots of fond memories, and the students went through our class blog posts for the year to choose some of their favorites.  I’ve posted their collages below.

GT report cards should go home next week, along with the student’s GT folders.  Each folder will contain a picture from their final project – their Puppet Pals videos.  Directions will be included for scanning the pictures to view the videos or for accessing them directly online.

I have really enjoyed working with this class of exceptional students.  Thank you, parents, for all of your support!