1st Grade Compares Population and Areas of Countries

The first graders made guesses about the relative land area of the countries they are reaching, and then we used an electronic resource called Culturegrams to see a graph of the actual sizes.  We did the same thing with the populations of the countries, and many were surprised that more land does not necessarily mean more people.  When I showed them population density they were even more amazed!

Using the augmented reality app called Quiver, the students were able to see how their flags might look as they wave over the country.  They also liked looking back at their original continent sheets to see  their maps become 3-dimensional globes.

So Much to Do, So Little Time!

Summer has been busy around our house, and I’m already well aware of the fact that we are not going to accomplish half of what I had planned for these couple of months before the new school year envelops us.  Despite that, I am always finding new things to add to the list – usually more than what I have crossed off the list so far!

I’m always on the lookout for what might interest the GT families of our community.  Here are a few resources I’ve collected in the past week that you might want to try: