4th Grade Chooses Theme Songs for Tuck Everlasting

Today’s blog post was written by Elizabeth. Trent was our photographer.

Today in fourth grade GT we went through a playlist of songs. Each student picked one song that they thought best describes Tuck Everlasting. The student then had to explain why he or she chose that song. We also played a Tuck Everlasting game using Padlet and the Activboard. Even though the team that won got an unfair advantage of three people for most of the time, it was still fun. We also learned that we would be doing Genius Hour soon. We began preparing today by brainstorming ideas for the exciting event based on careers, multiple intelligences, and heart maps.

For The Musically Inclined…


This week, I have a few links for those of you who enjoy adding a bit of music to your life:

Singing Horses – click on each horse to turn its unique sound off or on

ToneMatrix AudioTool – Create your own music by coloring in the boxes

WeaveSilk – Create calming music as you draw

Also, if you would like to experience some live music, you might be interested in the Mozart Festival at Incarnate Word this Friday, July 26th¬†or Bradley’s Summer Music Festival on Saturday, July 27th.

I hope that, so far, your summer is “hitting all the right notes!”