4th Grade Ponders the Meaning of Mandalas

Here are some of the reflections from this week’s 4th grade GT class:

Cristian Mae Tuck might think differently about the man on the yellow suit selling the magical spring water because the man is doing it for the money, which he thinks is ok, but Mae on the other hand thinks that if everyone knows about it, everyone will live forever and it would be chaos.
Luke Something I would like to go home and learn more about is the process of making a mandala. I want to know more about the measurements they make. I also want to know about what kind of prayers they make. Why do they dump the sand into a river and not the ocean? What kind of tools do they use?
Jordan I see a connection between the man in the yellow suit and the wasp,because they both only care about themselves and they both  worry about if they’re going to die or lose their wealth(the wasp’s wealth is his food or his friends.
Keely One question I still have about today’s learning is: What do the mandala’s symbols mean?

The students were all able to complete their mandala designs in Tinkercad.  We are just waiting on some new filament for our printer!

4th Grade Continues to Work on Mandala Masterpieces

This blog post is brought to you by Athasi.  We had a slightly short GT day due to Battle of the Books.

Today in GT we worked some more on our mandalas. We used special color pencils to make our mandalas stand out. Each of the colors and symbols had a meaning to them that tied into the theme of our mandala. At the end of the day we continued to work on our genius hour project.