4th Grade Practices Creating Mandalas

As we are currently studying mathematical masterpieces, the 4th graders were introduced to mandalas this week.  The mystical properties of the circle, a shape that has no beginning and no end, are the basis of these art/math creations.  To get a feel for making mandalas, students went to different stations that included using apps to make mandalas, spirograph, and sand mandalas. Some of the apps they used were: Camera Kaleidoscope, Drawerings, and PicCollage.  I think that they would all agree that the sand mandalas are the most difficult – requiring steady hands and a lot of concentration!


4th Grade Learns about Fibonacci

The 4th grade students are learning about mathematical “masterpieces” such as Pi.  This week, they learned about the Fibonacci sequence and how it relates to nature.  The students were entertained by this series of videos by Vi Hart.

Speaking of mathematical masterpieces, we were able to print one of the mandalas the students designed, and hope to get the rest of them printed by next week.


Despite our shortened time period (due to 5th grade STAAR), the students also had a little time to work on their playground equipment designs, and looked for laws that might effect their final products.

Photo Mar 30, 12 30 26 PM Photo Mar 30, 12 30 43 PM

4th Grade Works on Mandalas

We ran out of time before the 4th graders could do their reflections this week.  They were busy learning about and designing mandalas that we hope to print on the 3d printer.  They also had a fascinating discussion about Tuck Everlasting after we reached the part where Mae encounters the Man in the Yellow Suit.  “Is violence ever okay?” was the question that was posed, and the students had interesting points of view!

4th Grade Mandalas

One of the final projects in 4th grade was to create a mandala.  Some of the students chose Thinglink to explain the symbolism of their mandalas, while others chose to write out their explanations.  Here are the links to those that are available online (the others will come home with their GT folders):

Freedom” by Elijah

Independence” by Keaton

Nature” by Athasi

Happiness” by Logan

Power Mandala

Passionate” by Gage

Creativity” by Devlin

Math” by Emmett

Life” by Richard

Math” by Aiden