Kid President Has a Television Show!


Many of the students in my upper grades are familiar with Kid President, whose short, inspirational videos I’ve shown in the past.  He now has a television show on the Hub network.  If you are like me, and haven’t heard of Hub, you can go to this link to find out which local channel it is, based on your zip code and service provider.  Or, you can view the episodes online.  Here is a link to the full episodes, which are about 22 minutes long.  So far, there are three episodes: Heroes, Families, and Dreams.  These are great to watch with the family – funny and very motivational! In case you are new to Kid President, you can also visit his website, where there are links to the previously mentioned short productions.  The favorite for the students seems to be his Pep Talk.

5th Grade Makes Major Progress on Genius Hour

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Today’s blog post is brought to you by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we did testing for 30 minutes. That was not fun.

On happier notes, we did Genius Hour, and everyone is finishing up their projects (yay!). Hopefully, we should all get to create one more project before the year is over (gasp!). A message for the 5th graders – WORK HARDER!

We watched a new Kid President video as well, (attached below for your convenience).

We read ‘The Giver’, and are unfortunately nearing the end.

Last of all, Mrs. Eichholz explained Doodle4Google, a cool event where you draw a picture with the word ‘Google’ in it, according to the theme. The theme is… (dramatic pause)  ‘An invention that would make the world a better place’. Get sketching!

 Come back next week!

P.S. – Here is the Kid President website 🙂

5th Grade Continues with Genius Hour

Today’s blog post was written by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we did Genius Hour, and a bunch of us will probably present within the next 2 or 3 G.T. days! Everyone has been completing a lot, and Anna is already finishing her 2nd project!

We read ‘The Giver’, and discussed it, and we are already about 3/4 done with it!

Mrs. Eichholz explained the field trips coming up, and sent out the permission forms. ( Turn them in on Valentine’s Day! ) We get to go to the Witte Museum, and see their new exhibits about alien life on space, and modern robots! We also get to go to Rackspace, and see how the company works!

Lastly, (although it happened 2nd today at about 9:00 🙂 we watched a new Kid President video (located below for your personal enjoyment).

5th Grade Works on Goals and Genius Hour

This blog post was written by Aubrie.

Today we focused mainly on Genius Hour, and we got a lot accomplished. Today we had less time than usual, because Mrs. Eichholz had a doctor’s appointment and had to leave at noon. As we did Genius Hour, we also graded ourselves on how we think we did on every subject.

We also did level 17 in algebra, and did a matching worksheet.

Lastly, we made goals for the winter season and watched a new Kid President movie.

Lainey has returned to Hidden Forest, and we would like to welcome her back to G.T.!


5th Grade Continues to Tackle Genius Hour Challenges

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we focused mainly on Genius Hour. Some of us were even daring enough to try an evil level 3 challenge card, such as: Interview a person outside of G.T., or put a timeline in your final project.

Our main goals for Genius Hour were:

Alex and Kenneth: Create a Lego stop-motion movie

Harrison and Cooper: Learn more about fish and other creatures

Kris and Conner: Create a plane that can fly 25 feet in 10 seconds

Paige: Learn more about albino animals

Alexia: Learn why dogs are important to humans

Anna: Find out about Faberge’s Eggs

Aubrie: Learn about Grover Cleveland

We watched a Kid President video called ‘Your 20 things we should say more often.”

We also read ‘The Giver’, and discussed the community.

Lastly, we beta-tested the game ‘Word’, where two teams try to describe a picture in one word, and place the letters in front of the screen.

Editor’s Note:  We also have some pictures of Aubrie (above) standing at our Genius Bar.  She brought some foreign coins to share with the class.

3rd Grade Learns About “The Road Not Taken”

3rd grade continued to work on their Hands-On-Equations word problems and their Powerpoints about the senses today.  In addition, I introduced them to the Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken”, and we discussed what it meant. We talked about this to prepare to watch an inspiring “Pep Talk” by Kid President in which he refers to this poem.  I’m sure the kids would love to discuss the video and poem with you.  Just ask them, “What awesome did you create today?”, or “What’s your SpaceJam?”, or, if you really want to make them giggle, you could surprise them by saying, “Not cool, Robert Frost!”