Welcome Back!!!!

It is so great to be meeting with the 2nd-5th grades GT classes for the first time this school year!  I have missed the excitement and enthusiasm of the students while I have spent the last few weeks testing.

2nd grade is learning about structures this year, and we are beginning with animal structures. After going over the Class Mission Statement, we talked about multiple perspectives (specifically from a spider’s point of view) and read Diary of a Spider.  We are going to be getting a class tarantula for a couple of weeks so we can really learn about the uniqueness of spiders.

3rd through 5th grades on working on doing collaborative blog posts this year, so I am going to let some of the students tell you what we did this week. It was similar for all of the upper grade levels as we needed to go over our Class Mission Statement and other procedural items.

Luke: Today we unscrambled the G.T. mission statement from last year. It took us a long time because we didn’t remember it from last year. It was Our mission is to go above and beyond what is expected, to be creative, and use our talents as gifts to others so we can all accomplish our dreams.

Trent: It was fun when we got to put last years mission statement together on the smartboard.Then we watched a video on how to be safe online without giving any personal information about yourself away.

3rd grade: We wrote not safe next to questions that were not safe we also wrote safe next questions that were  safe. 

Connor: Today we learned how to make a meme. a meme is a picture used to tell a message in different ways. memes can mean lots of different things.

Katie R: We worked on some AWESOME memes of class rules, and the whole class seemed to have so much fun! I am so super ecxited for next week! I loved that we spent LOTS of time on the computers, and learned about media safety too.

The students aren’t all finished with their Class Rules Memes yet – but here is one!

Class Memes 4th Grade


Want to See Something Gross?

There’s a reason your parents and teachers ask you to wash your hands regularly.  Click on the picture below to find out what you might have growing on your hands if you don’t wash them.

image from:

image from: This is Colossal

Speaking of looking at gross things very closely, you can get an up close and personal view of a variety of bugs when you go to this page.  Some are even a bit pretty – in a scary, please-don’t-ever-show-up-in-my-house kind of way!

Have You Learned Something New this Summer?

I love to learn and summer often gives me the time and opportunity to try new things. For example, my daughter learned how to sew last semester, and now she is teaching me!

I would like to hear about things you are learning this summer, so I decided to make a Padlet to find out.  Click on the Padlet below to add your note to the wall.

If you are struggling to find something new to learn, head over to this site to learn more about yourself and what interests you!