3rd Grade Sets Goals for the New Semester

All of the GT 2nd-5th graders are receiving their GT report cards this week.  The 3rd-5th grade report card is new to our brand new 3rd graders, so we went over the self-assessment portion together this week.  Once the students scored themselves, they chose from the areas they had scored lower to create goals for the second semester in GT.

In addition to working on report cards, 3rd grade discussed the bravery in Fish in a Tree and worked on the last lesson for level 1 in Hands-On-Equations.


5th Grade Works on Goals and Genius Hour

This blog post was written by Aubrie.

Today we focused mainly on Genius Hour, and we got a lot accomplished. Today we had less time than usual, because Mrs. Eichholz had a doctor’s appointment and had to leave at noon. As we did Genius Hour, we also graded ourselves on how we think we did on every subject.

We also did level 17 in algebra, and did a matching worksheet.

Lastly, we made goals for the winter season and watched a new Kid President movie.

Lainey has returned to Hidden Forest, and we would like to welcome her back to G.T.!