4th Grade Learns More About Fibonacci

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Today in GT we watched a math video about the Fibonacci sequence and spirals by a someone named Vi Hart. We learned that lots of things in nature use Fibonacci numbers. We also learned how to draw perfect spirals. Next we categorized different jobs into different MI. Then we did Genius Hour.  Finally, we did Hands on Equations and Maker Studio.

4th Grade Presents Their First Genius Hour Projects

This post has been brought to you by Athasi.

Today in GT we had our first two Genius Hour presentations. The first one was a game show about photography, and the second one was a play about Mars. Also, we tested a new version of Hopscotch, a programming app. We were given challenges like “draw a circle” and “create a dance routine”. We also went more in depth with Multiple Intelligences. Finally, we started centers.We could choose from a lot of different things including the brand new Makey Makey graciously donated by Mr. Hoffstadt.

3rd Grade Works on More Cubelets Problem Solving and Genius Hour Research

I gave the third graders a challenge to make Cubelet robots that could race each other to a finish line.  This required a lot of problem solving on the part of the students.  They were good at making robots that moved, but had a hard time trying to get them to stay in a straight line.  I really liked how they used scientific thinking to work on their problem.  They would hypothesize a solution, change a variable, and test it.  One of the issues they thought was working against them was our tile floor, so they set up a racetrack bounded by books on a smooth table. Unfortunately, that didn’t help!  One robot finally made it to the end from start to finish with no interference in between.  It was a fun challenge!

In Billibonk and the Big Itch, the students heard about the idea of looking at where a problem is not occurring to try to figure out how it is different than where a problem is occurring.  They are going to apply this to their Genius Hour projects by doing research on cafeterias that don’t have noise or trash problems to see what our school might want to try to do differently.  We are hoping to Skype some administrators from other schools to learn more about their cafeteria rules and setup.

5th Grade Reflects on The Giver

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In G.T. today we Did Genius Hour, and 3 or 4 of us will be ready to present within the next  2  weeks! The challenges are still as cruel as ever, and Genius Hour is still as fun as ever!

We watched a video by the founders of a college (actually, they are not the founders, but one of them helped develop the Scratch programming language), and they have the same idea as *Rackspace: everyone works together and is treated equally.

*(The field trip is on April 4th!)

Mrs. Eichholz created centers for us to do as well, including the Cubelets , Little Bits,  3Doodler, and an assortment of fun games!

Lastly, Mrs. Eichholz made questions for us to answer via Ipad about “The Giver”.

Come back next week!

4th Grade Makes Text Connections

The following post is from Mahli.  It is rather short, I think, because we forgot to take the time to help her summarize the day at the end of class.  Also, we missed out on our planned centers near the end of the day because of unplanned technical difficulties.  The text connections did take a lot of time, but resulted in some really great connections – particularly to world events. We used a video called, “This Week in Rap” from Flocabulary to go over some current events.  We also took some time to vote on the most wanted items on our “Class Wish List” and watched a short video about the M.I.T. Media Lab.

Today in G.T we wrote text-to-self, text-to-text,and text to world, connections to Tuck Everlasting. Then we had Genius Hour and finished up our projects and research .  Today was short but it was a great day.

4th Grade Starts Their Google Doodles

Today’s blog post is by Mahli:

Today in G.T we had a half day getting out at 12:00! In the time that we had we  finished up our research and or project for  Genius Hour. Also we did our Google Doodle drafts! We watched half of our Doodle for Google video and learned the creative thinking process of a Google Doodler. Everyone came up with some  rocking designs! Even though today was only half a day we still learned lots of new things.

5th Grade Makes Major Progress on Genius Hour

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Today’s blog post is brought to you by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we did testing for 30 minutes. That was not fun.

On happier notes, we did Genius Hour, and everyone is finishing up their projects (yay!). Hopefully, we should all get to create one more project before the year is over (gasp!). A message for the 5th graders – WORK HARDER!

We watched a new Kid President video as well, (attached below for your convenience).

We read ‘The Giver’, and are unfortunately nearing the end.

Last of all, Mrs. Eichholz explained Doodle4Google, a cool event where you draw a picture with the word ‘Google’ in it, according to the theme. The theme is… (dramatic pause)  ‘An invention that would make the world a better place’. Get sketching!

 Come back next week!

P.S. – Here is the Kid President website 🙂

5th Grade Continues with Genius Hour

Today’s blog post was written by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we did Genius Hour, and a bunch of us will probably present within the next 2 or 3 G.T. days! Everyone has been completing a lot, and Anna is already finishing her 2nd project!

We read ‘The Giver’, and discussed it, and we are already about 3/4 done with it!

Mrs. Eichholz explained the field trips coming up, and sent out the permission forms. ( Turn them in on Valentine’s Day! ) We get to go to the Witte Museum, and see their new exhibits about alien life on space, and modern robots! We also get to go to Rackspace, and see how the company works!

Lastly, (although it happened 2nd today at about 9:00 🙂 we watched a new Kid President video (located below for your personal enjoyment).

What We Did in Genius Hour

Photo Feb 12, 1 30 43 PM

This is a “special edition” blog post from Keaton, Emmett, and Aiden.  Their Genius Hour challenge was to write a blog post about what they did yesterday!  

Keaton Emmett and I learned how to switch levels. We made drawings and sketches to put into the video game. We looked around the room for inspiration. We learned that there is no gravity setting in the game. I added a new sprite to our game. We also figured out how to move the monkey up and down. Finally, Emmett, Keaton and I made our second level.

4th Grade “Hangs Out” with a Google Doodler

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Mahli:

Today in G.T we finished Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. We also had a discussion about was Winnie  right to take Maes place in the jail. Then during the book a poem was in the book by Richard Lovelace that said “Stone walls do not make a prison nor bars a cage”. After we discovered what that meant we realized your imagination can make anything whatever you want. After we watched doodle for google hang out.  In this session we learned what its like to work at google in their doodle department. We learned that it takes about 1 month to make a regular google doodle, also that you go back multiple times to revise and edit. We discovered that just like in writing you get stuck and the google doodler gave us some tips like just look out for inspiration while  your hanging out with your friends. Then it was time to create! We got into groups and made a valentines theme google sign! Later we got some inspiration from the one and only Kid President. Last we did genius hour! It was full of twist and turns but in the end it was a great day.