4th Grade Celebrates Pi Day

This week’s 4th grade blogger is Trent and our photographer is Nathan.  For more Pi Day resources, you can check out this link.

This is my second blog post and like the first one, I am here to tell you about the wonders of fourth grade G/T. First, we learned about Pi day, which is ironic because it is 3/14/15 ( Pi = 3.14159 and so on). After that, we did “Mind Maps” on brain pop. Then, the class watched a fun mile of Pi video. Then we found a link on Pi birthdays and did that for a few minutes . The next thing we did was Pi-lish poetry and Pi sudoku. Trust me when I say Pi-lish poetry is harder than it looks. Next, we all finished our Fibonacci art. Finally, we researched for Genius Hour . Stay tuned for more exciting news on the wonders of fourth grade G/T.

Interesting fact, Pi day is Albert Einsteins Birthday!


4th Grade Learns How to Draw Horses

Welcome to our new 4th grade blogger and photographer, Trent and Nathan – who happen to be brothers! (The “fast talking lady” Trent mentions in his article is Vi Hart, by the way!)

Hello reader, today I am going to tell you about the wonders of 4th grade GT. First, I am going to tell you how well of a job Alex did teaching us how to draw horses. Then, we learned a new legal move in Hands on Equations. After that, we learned more about the Fibonacci  Sequence and watched a video starring a fast talking lady that talked a lot about  the Fibonacci numbers and how they related to plants and doodling in class. The next thing we did was Fibonacci Art, everyones was unique and creative in its own way. One of the last things we did was crossing the bridge, a game were you had to get the people across in the fastest time possible time. Finally, at the end of G/T we celebrated Katies Birthday.

Big shout out to Elizabeth’s dad for coming to learn for the day!!!!!

4th Grade Learns About Cheetahs

This blog post is brought to you by Katie, and Timothy was our photographer! (The pictures of the man on our screen are of Jack Storms, who creates amazing glass art using Fibonacci numbers as an inspiration.)

I’m back and ready to tell a little somethin’ somethin’ about our day in GT. We started our wonderful day with Elizabeth teaching us about cheetahs. She’s a great teacher! Next we did more Hands-On-Equations. Finishing up, kids below level 5 endured challenges with pentominoes, while the members on level 5 got to beta test a new robot by the name of Ozobot. My friends and I gave him a new name: Oswald Ozbot Ozobot. Cool name, don’t ya think? Anyway, afterwards we read Chasing Vermeer. Then we began a paper that used the Fibonacci Sequence. Well, sadly, that was the end of our magnificent day! Blog you later!

4th Grade Learns about the Fibonacci Sequence

Katie is this week’s blogger and Timothy was our photographer!

I’m back and ready to tell you more of the GT story. First of all, we coded Valentine’s Day  projects on Hopscotch, (and the names of our projects are: Robo and Space Pod Love Story, Happy Lovy Monkey, Bear City Valentine’s Day and… I don’t know what Alex’s is called.) When we were finished, we went on to pentomino challenges such as making a giant rectangle. After lunch, we read Chasing Vermeer. Then we started an Alice in Wonderland based way of learning new math terms and such as the Fibonacci sequence and Pascal’s Triangle.

That’s all the fun action-packed day I can think of! Have a wonderful day and God bless!

4th Grade Learns More About Fibonacci

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Athasi.

Today in GT we watched a math video about the Fibonacci sequence and spirals by a someone named Vi Hart. We learned that lots of things in nature use Fibonacci numbers. We also learned how to draw perfect spirals. Next we categorized different jobs into different MI. Then we did Genius Hour.  Finally, we did Hands on Equations and Maker Studio.

4th Grade Discusses Beauty

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Athasi.

Today in GT we learned about what our brains think is beautiful. We think that patterns and symmetry are beautiful. We also tried number tricks with the Fibonacci sequence. Next, we did Genius Hour. Finally, we did Maker Studio, and some of us got to try out the Cubelets Lego adapters.