5th Grade Begins to Put Together Their Dream Teams

This blog post was brought to you by Aubrie.

Today in G.T. we got to do Genius Hour, and Paige presented her project about Albino animals. She made two videos, and presented them to us. Aubrie (that’s me!) will also present next time we go to G.T.

We got to do Maker’s Studio, and Mrs. Eichholz got a new app for us to play. It is called ‘Floors’, and you can make your own video game using symbols in it. The app works on IPads, and they might extend it to other devices, but for now, try it out!

We worked on our character trait floor plans, and are working on connecting them with Tellegami or Puppet Pals.

We are also working on a project called ‘Dream Team’. For now, we are just working on finding two people who have shown a good example of a habit, and explaining it.

Lastly, I have bad news. *Only 3 more G.T. classes left!!*

So do something awesome! Watch the video attached below to inspire you.

Come back next week!

5th Grade Finishes Up a Few More Projects!

We only have one more class of 5th grade GT, and the students are doing their best to finish up their remaining projects. Below, I am sharing with you one Dream Team project, and a few Genius Hour ones. Because the “Cold War Tech” Powerpoint includes some pictures of weaponry, I am only including the link, rather than embedding it into this post.

Cold War Tech Powerpoint

5th Grade Gets TONS Done!

Sometimes it amazes me how 16 students can be working on 10 different projects, and we don’t all implode from the absolute chaos! Today we got so much done that I haven’t even had a chance to upload all of the finished projects to share on this blog. Four Dream Team videos got finished, as well as five Genius Hour projects. A few of the students even found the time to work on the Robotics challenge board that is due next week. Way to go, 5th grade!

I’ve got the Dream Team Projects embedded below. Next week, I will try to include all of the completed Genius Hour projects.

Can you believe we only have two more GT classes left?!!!!

5th Grade Had a Very Productive Day!

I started composing this post, and realized that I have quite a bit to say!

We started the day by looking at a slideshow on how to be better presenters. You can find the slideshow on my professional blog here.

Then I showed the students this video, which was part of Apple Computer’s early campaign, “Think Different.”

It relates to one of my favorite Gandhi quotes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and I presented them with Spirit Sticks to remind them of this.

After this, the students continued to work on Genius Hour projects and Dream Team videos. Two more videos were completed today, which I will embed below.

We also worked on Hands-On-Equations, 6-Word Memoirs, and creating quotations using an app called Quipio.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I am thankful we got so much done!

5th Grade Returns to Work

It’s been a stressful week of testing for everyone, and I was glad to finally have class again today!

The 5th graders are still working on Genius Projects, and we had a presentation today from Amy, Grace, and Julia on wallabies. They used Glogster to make their presentation, and I have embedded it below.

Amy was also able to complete her Dream Team video using Puppet Pals, and I think it came out great!

We also worked on Hands-On-Equations, and watched the video that you can find on my professional blog today here. I love Brad Melzer’s message to kids, “Dream Big. Work Hard. Be Humble.” That says it all, doesn’t it?

5th Grade Produces Dream Team Videos

The 5th graders have been creating “Dream Teams” – 4 people from history who inspire them to exhibit the character traits that are important to them. To present their Dream Teams, they have been working on introducing them on talk shows using the Puppet Pals app. So far, we have 3 completed videos that I would like to share with you. Keep your fingers crossed that they work because this is my first time embedding videos from Google Drive on this blog.

Please add an encouraging comment to this post so that our producers will know their shows are being watched – and our future producers will be inspired to complete their projects!

5th Grade Drafts Their Dream Teams!

The 5th graders had a few Genius Hour presentations today:

African Elephants

The Battle of the Alamo

Koala Bears

In addition, the students worked on their “Dream Team Scripts” on which they are planning talk shows where the host introduces their Dream Team of people who inspire them.  Some of the students have completed their scripts, and are already working on the next phase of creating their Talk Shows using the Puppet Pals app on the iPads.  I can’t wait until these are completed!