2nd Grade Finds the “X-Tile”

Today the 2nd graders reflected on their Cardboard Arcade Experiences. They did some of their reflecting on paper, and then used the iPads to answer a question on Padlet. I’ve embedded their responses to that question below.

They also used the iPads to play a game called, “Find the X-Tile.” This is an algebraic game in which the students are given clues and have to deduce the mystery number. They used the whiteboard app on the iPads, and I taught them how to use Reflector so they could share their answers with the rest of the class on our projector screen. After practicing a few problems, the students were then able to write their own problems to try to stump their classmates. They did a great job!

Finally, I introduced “6 Hats Thinking” to the students using our interactive board. One of the students even remember the word, “metacognition” for “thinking about your thinking” from last year! They took turns putting different types of Thinking Hats on Alfred, the Skeleton, and then tried to identify sentences as certain kinds of thinking.

After a 2-week break from GT, we got a lot accomplished!

2nd Grade Begins the Cardboard Challenge!

Today was the first day of 2nd grade GT, and many of the students were already prepared with ideas for this year’s Cardboard Challenge!  For those of you new to the Cardboard Challenge, you may want to visit this site for more details.

The students will be making their own games, and the best ones will be chosen to take to Main Event on October 15th and put in the Party Room.  The community will be invited to donate $1 to a charity in order to play the cardboard games.  We will also be selling $20 wristbands for access to the other activities at Main Event, and $5 from each wristband will toward our charity.

The GT students (2nd-5th) will be deciding on the charity in the next week. Stay tuned for more news about this exciting event!

The students also made some watercolors today.  They will be doing a special activity with them next week…