2nd Grade Builds Sphero Bridges

The 2nd graders were challenged to make bridges that spanned 14 inches between the ends of 2 tables, and would allow for a Sphero to cross.  They were allowed to use different materials, but there were “costs” for each material.  The challenge was to keep the cost low while still making a usable bridge.  There was a lot of planning, measuring, weighing, and calculating going on in our classroom!  Two out of 4 teams were able to complete the challenge during our GT time.  One of the finished teams had materials costs that were over $1000 and the other had costs of around $500. Can you tell which one was the least expensive finished bridge?

2nd Grade Writes Scripts

The 2nd graders will be creating short Puppet Pals videos about the structures they are researching. They used their notes this week to write out scripts.  Most groups have chosen backgrounds and characters, and will be ready to start “filming” next week with the Puppet Pals app on the iPads.

They also worked on centers.  Most of the students really wanted to create the Suspension Bridge with the K’nex kits, so that was what the majority of the class chose to spend their time on.  They definitely seem to enjoy building!

We are also participating in a “Squiggle Challenge” with a school in Minnesota, in which the students were asked to design anything they liked out of a squiggle (everyone had the same squiggle to start).  It was awesome to see that no two students came up with the same idea!

2nd Grade Builds Bridges

Last week, the 2nd graders researched different types of bridges, and were presented with a challenge to design a bridge out of straws and masking tape that would span 25 cm, and hold as much weight as possible. This week, they got to build their designs and test them.  The strongest bridge appeared to be the beam bridge (which had originally been designed as an arch, but ended up being revised during construction). The beam bridge held over 1000 grams of weight.

The students took turns building, photographing, supervising, and testing.  I have posted some of their pictures below.  They did a great job synergizing, and I love how every bridge was very different!

In addition to learning some bridge construction skills, they also learned how to add their iPad photos to Dropbox.  I’m happy to say that all of the photos below were taken by the 2nd graders.  (Maybe I’m out of the job as class photographer, now!)