Google Science Camp

The summer is flying by, and some of you may be at the point where you are looking for a new activity.  Well, you are in luck! Google started their online Science Camp this week, and it’s free!  “Ocean Week” is this week’s theme, followed by “Space Week,” “Nature Week,” and “Music Week.”  Don’t worry that you missed the first couple of days, because all of the videos and activities are available online.

Google Science Week


By the way – don’t forget to fill out this Padlet about what you have learned so far this summer!  I really want to hear from you!

5th Grade Meets “Cornelius” the Corn Snake

Mahli is this week’s awesome blogger for 5th grade, and Billy took the pictures.

Today in G.T we explored our knowledge. We wrote an article about ourselves in TIME magazine. We got to create our future with paper and a pencil. Later, while some people were having genius hour others were having free time in BOSS HQ. In BOSS HQ we got to play with things like the Makey Makey. After that, the class got to play with a corn snake. Cornelius to be exact. To end our day we made comic strips out of inspirational quotes. We only have 3 more G.T days left, and maybe that’s not enough time to change the world, or the city,or the school, but it might just be enough time to change ourselves and accept our neighbors. As long as we still have 3 more days of Mrs. Eichholz anything is possible.

5th Grade Skypes with the Founder of the Hill Country Science Mill

This blog post is brought to you by Athasi, and Ally was our photographer.

This week in GT we skyped with the founder of the Hill Country Science Mill! Some of us volunteered to ask Dr. Baskin some of the questions the whole class had brainstormed. After that, Aya, Ally, and Keaton present their genius hour presentation. They presented some information on Global warming, and then we played a game show. Finally, we did a puzzle that required us to crack a code to get answers. Check back next week to see what’s going on in GT!

5th Grade Learns About Animal Captivity During Genius Hour

Athasi brings us today’s blog post, and our photographer is Ally.

This week in GT, we learned that our school will be getting a 3D printer! Also, Logan, Elijah, and Aiden presented their Genius Hour project about animal captivity! Deuce, the banana business man (portrayed by Elijah), and I played a game show about their project. We also watched a video, filmed by the fifth graders from two years ago, about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Next, we made a Canva project about the exhibits we saw at the Hill Country Science Mill last week. We also came up with questions for the museum’s creator, who we will be Skyping with next week. Finally, we continued to work on our dream teams and our word clouds.

Be sure to check back next week !

5th Grade Learns More About Breast Cancer

Athasi was our blogger this week for 5th grade, and Ally was our photographer.

Today in GT, we watched a inspirational video by Kid President. He promoted his new book and talked to a comedy legend to figure out how to be a good uncle. After that Ethan presented his Genius Hour presentation about Breast Cancer. He coded a Hopscotch program to present information, and then we could play a short, two player game about the topic. Next, we created a list of adjectives and things that describe us. Then we circled three qualities that we want to see in a person. Next, half of us made a word cloud using the words we came up with, and the other half used the three things that they circled to make up a dream team of celebrities that have that quality. Finally, Mrs. Eichholz gave us a puzzle  called “Slug Salad”. Check back next week to get the inside scoop on our field trip to the Hill Country Science Mill!

5th Grade’s 1st Genius Hour Presentation

Our blogger for the next few weeks will be Athasi and Ally is our 5th grade photographer.

Today in GT,  we had our first Genius Hour presentation! Mahli and I presented our rap and poster about blindness and color blindness. Then we played two games and Mrs. Eichholz even got to participate! After that, we were assigned partners and chose a depth and complexity card and related it to “The Giver”. After Mrs. Eichholz approved of our relations, we went on a Easter egg hunt of sorts around the GT building. Inside of each egg was a slip of paper that had a way of presenting on it. After everyone finished their presentation, we voted on our favorite one. At the end of the day Mrs. Eichholz gave us a puzzle  called “How to Barbeque Snake”  the puzzles are really fun and you should check them out. Be sure to check back in next week to find out what more fun activities Mrs. Eichholz has planned for us!

"Eye Rap" sing to the tune of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

“Eye Rap” by Mahli and Athasi (sing to the tune of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”)

5th Grade Works on Mimizu Puzzles and Genius Hour

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Mahli.  Aiden was our photographer. If you are interested in trying your own Mimizu puzzles, you can check out this link or this one.

We started off our day with learning about Beethoven and his idea on how fast music should actually go. Then, we had a whole hour of excitement which is also known as Genius Hour. Later while some kids were doing mimizus others were beta testing a really exciting game called Rush Hour Shift.  Today was a great day.

5th Grade Works on “Hexagonal Thinking” for The Giver

Today’s blog post was written by Mahli.  The photographs were taken by Mrs. Eichholz and Devlin (our regular photographer was absent).  Mahli included the quote below in the blog post she submitted.  It’s definitely food for thought!

Today in G.T we had a lot of fun. We started out our day with genius hour. With our Genius Hour  projects we are trying to think of ideas  to make the world a better place. After Genius Hour we participated in a twitter chat and gave shout outs to amazing one of a kind teachers. Later we had some fun with the Giver and made connections with specific words than mean a lot in the Giver. We ended our day with some really fun brain games.


blog quote


5th Grade Discusses The Butter Battle

Our blogger, Mahli, forgot to mention our fabulous discussion about Dr. Seuss’ book, The Butter Battle.  I was super-impressed by the insightful comments given by the students, comparing it to the Cold War and to our most recent piece of literature, The Giver.  Aiden was our photographer this week.

Today in G.T we started off with Genius Hour where we pick what we want to learn about and present it in the best most fun ways possible. After, we learned about Pi. If you want to see some of the other  things we are doing class check out all of Mrs. Eichholz’ amazing posts. I bet you’ll learn something new!


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5th Grade Explores Engineering

Our blog author for the next four weeks is Mahli, and Aiden is our 5th grade photographer.  To learn more about Engineering, you can go to this site.

Today in G.T we explored the world of engineering. We learned that there are many types of engineering. We watched inspiring videos, read magazines,and read some articles. To explore more into this subject we made some of our own airplanes. In all 5th grade G.T.  was a great experience.