4th Grade Math Museums

4th Grade GT has been studying mathematical masterpieces.  Inspired by the recent opening of the Museum of Mathematics in New York, I asked the students to design their own math museums using their imagination and what we have learned so far this year.  Here are some photos of the students working on this assignment.  You can also view an example of one student’s map, although they have not finished them, yet.

4th and 5th Grade GT Students Go to the McNay

On 12/12/12, our 4th and 5th graders had the opportunity to visit the McNay Art Museum.  They focused on the portrayal of heroes and villains in art.  Our docents gave us wonderful tours, but we did not have time to see everything.  Hopefully, some of the students and their families will take advantage of the postcards they received offering free admission for four people.  Thank you, Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Gregory, for accompanying us on our trip!