Google Science Camp

The summer is flying by, and some of you may be at the point where you are looking for a new activity.  Well, you are in luck! Google started their online Science Camp this week, and it’s free!  “Ocean Week” is this week’s theme, followed by “Space Week,” “Nature Week,” and “Music Week.”  Don’t worry that you missed the first couple of days, because all of the videos and activities are available online.

Google Science Week


By the way – don’t forget to fill out this Padlet about what you have learned so far this summer!  I really want to hear from you!

4th Grade Finishes Their Faberge Eggs

Trent is our 4th grade blogger today, while Alex was the photographer this week.

Hello readers, today I am going to tell you eggsactly what we did in G/T. The first thing we did was that we finished up our Faberge eggs. Then we all read another adventurous chapter of “Chasing Vermeer” (Which is a delightful math/puzzle book to me). Anyway, since it was too rainy we got stuck at the library and we did “Chat Pack for Kids” cards to form empathy with one another. After all the rain cleared out we tweaked the eggs a little bit more and completed the day with Genius Hour.


4th Grade Learns About Empathy and the History of the Faberge Eggs

Our 4th grade blog post was written by Nathan this week.  Katie was our class photographer.

Great times at GT

                                                                                                                                Today we started with our virtual math museums.  While 4 kids were working on their museums the other 2 were working on sketching them selves with a cool gadget called Osmo. Next we were taught more hands on equations algebra. We learned the legal move that helps you if you go into negatives. Finally we took  a quiz on the new algebra we learned  it was challenging but everybody got through the test quick. Next we read our exciting Chasing Vermeer book and got to the part where Ms.Sharpe is acting highly suspicious. After the book we watched the rest of the video about Faberge and the eggs he made for the czars. We got to do some of the planning of how we were going to decorate our eggs. Finally we talked about our fieldtrip to the Hill Country Science Mill.

4th Grade Learns About Faberge Eggs

Nathan was our blog post author this week, and Katie was our photographer.

GT Eggcitement!   

Hello readers:

Today we started off with Hands On Equations.We refreshed our memories on legal moves.Then we took a challenging quiz on H.O.E..When a  student was finished they got to Beta test a new Osmo addition and multiplication game.Afterwards we read the book Chasing Vermeer and discovered that Lady Writing was stolen by an art theft that states “Vermeer’s paintings were not all done by him but done by some of his students.”  Next we broke  into our Genius Hour groups to research the topics we were going to teach the class.Finally we watched a interesting video about Faberge Eggs and how much creativity and effort were put into them.

4th Grade Paints with Sphero

We have a new blogger this week, Nathan.  Our new photographer is Katie. Alex also contributed some of the video. You can see a video of the Spheros painting at the end of this post.

GT highlights  of the day!

We got back together with our spheros Newton and Einstein which were ready for a fun new challenge. All 6 GT kids were split into teams of 3.Challenge 1  was to brainstorm a shape or a shape pattern. Team one chose a triforce and team 2 chose the 6 pointed star. Challenge 2 was to slather paint all over the sphero and let it draw the shape your team programed. Both did not turn out as planned but were art in the eyes of both teams. To finish the day we worked on our virtual  math museums. Finally we looked at the and pacman on google maps!

4th Grade Learns How to Program Sphero

Twin brothers, Trent and Nathan, were this week’s blogger and photographer for 4th grade.

Hello readers, I am here to tell you about the wonders of fourth grade G/T. The first thing that happened was that we all wrote comments about teachers we have met. The next thing we did was that we read about two chapters of Chasing Vermeer a mathematical masterpiece. Then we got the laptops and started to work on our virtual math museums. After we worked on our math museums we all watched a 25 minute video about patterns, symmetry, and beauty. Last and certainly not least we were divided into groups of three to work with SPHERO. We programed him to do a triangle a square and a pentagon. My group called our SPHERO Einstein the not so bright one. Anyway that pretty much wraps it up. Thanks for reading.


4th Grade Photographs Mathematical Art

This week’s 4th grade blog post is brought to you by Trent with photographs from his brother, Nathan, as well as some of their classmates.

Hello readers, today like the others I am here to tell of the wonders of fourth grade G/T. Well, the first thing that happened was that we all took pictures of tessellations, fractals, and fibonacci art around the school for a virtual museum. Next, Timothy showed us some word problems. After that, we all read a chapter of Chasing Vermeer and decoded a message from Tommy and Calder. Then, Mrs.Eichholz announced a field trip on the 16th to the Hill Country Science Mill!!! Fun!! Finally, we researched more on our genius hour project. That sums up our fun day in G/T.  Have a great week.


4th Grade Celebrates Pi Day

This week’s 4th grade blogger is Trent and our photographer is Nathan.  For more Pi Day resources, you can check out this link.

This is my second blog post and like the first one, I am here to tell you about the wonders of fourth grade G/T. First, we learned about Pi day, which is ironic because it is 3/14/15 ( Pi = 3.14159 and so on). After that, we did “Mind Maps” on brain pop. Then, the class watched a fun mile of Pi video. Then we found a link on Pi birthdays and did that for a few minutes . The next thing we did was Pi-lish poetry and Pi sudoku. Trust me when I say Pi-lish poetry is harder than it looks. Next, we all finished our Fibonacci art. Finally, we researched for Genius Hour . Stay tuned for more exciting news on the wonders of fourth grade G/T.

Interesting fact, Pi day is Albert Einsteins Birthday!


4th Grade Learns How to Draw Horses

Welcome to our new 4th grade blogger and photographer, Trent and Nathan – who happen to be brothers! (The “fast talking lady” Trent mentions in his article is Vi Hart, by the way!)

Hello reader, today I am going to tell you about the wonders of 4th grade GT. First, I am going to tell you how well of a job Alex did teaching us how to draw horses. Then, we learned a new legal move in Hands on Equations. After that, we learned more about the Fibonacci  Sequence and watched a video starring a fast talking lady that talked a lot about  the Fibonacci numbers and how they related to plants and doodling in class. The next thing we did was Fibonacci Art, everyones was unique and creative in its own way. One of the last things we did was crossing the bridge, a game were you had to get the people across in the fastest time possible time. Finally, at the end of G/T we celebrated Katies Birthday.

Big shout out to Elizabeth’s dad for coming to learn for the day!!!!!

4th Grade Learns About Cheetahs

This blog post is brought to you by Katie, and Timothy was our photographer! (The pictures of the man on our screen are of Jack Storms, who creates amazing glass art using Fibonacci numbers as an inspiration.)

I’m back and ready to tell a little somethin’ somethin’ about our day in GT. We started our wonderful day with Elizabeth teaching us about cheetahs. She’s a great teacher! Next we did more Hands-On-Equations. Finishing up, kids below level 5 endured challenges with pentominoes, while the members on level 5 got to beta test a new robot by the name of Ozobot. My friends and I gave him a new name: Oswald Ozbot Ozobot. Cool name, don’t ya think? Anyway, afterwards we read Chasing Vermeer. Then we began a paper that used the Fibonacci Sequence. Well, sadly, that was the end of our magnificent day! Blog you later!