Google Science Camp

The summer is flying by, and some of you may be at the point where you are looking for a new activity.  Well, you are in luck! Google started their online Science Camp this week, and it’s free!  “Ocean Week” is this week’s theme, followed by “Space Week,” “Nature Week,” and “Music Week.”  Don’t worry that you missed the first couple of days, because all of the videos and activities are available online.

Google Science Week


By the way – don’t forget to fill out this Padlet about what you have learned so far this summer!  I really want to hear from you!

3rd Grade Presents Recycling Project

Cristian was our blogger for this week.  Cassidy was our photographer (with a little help from Luke).

Today in class we looked at a 3d printer in the school’s library which has a roll of plastic in the back of it, and so it has to heat up first , then after it has to cool down, and after that is has to find the location in which to start putting the layers of plastic down. Today 2 groups finished their genius hour projects, but only one got to present. After the group presented, each group got a paper that they had to decide on different questions that the group did in their presentation. You could either put a 1 if they did a really bad job on showing that in the presentation, a 2 if they did a good job, and a 3 if they did a really good job. And for the group that presented, they got to continue working on their Lego and Little Bits creation.

3rd Grades Tests Some 3D Printer Software

Cristian is our current 3rd grade blogger, and Jordan took this week’s pictures.

Today in class we continued are genius hour project and tried to finish it. Then the people that finished their projects tested out an app called 123D Create. And when we got done testing out that app, we tested out another app called Makerbot Printshop.

3rd Grade Close to Finishing Genius Hour Projects

Our blogger was out today, so Mrs. Eichholz is substituting!  Jordan was our class photographer.

The 3rd graders are almost ready to present their Genius Hour projects. Each group appears to need one more class to finish up last-minute preparations and rehearsals.  It looks like we are going to have a couple of puppet shows and a scavenger hunt, so this will be interesting!

This week the 3rd graders also worked more with the Little Bits kits.  They explored the different pieces some more, and are now trying to invent some new things using Little Bits combined with Legos.  They were able to Think and Make this week – so next week they will work on the “Improve” step!

3rd Grade Reflects on Their Field Trip

This blog post is brought to you by Cristian.

Today in class we played with Little Bits, which are tiny different combinations you can use to make something. We then did a field trip reflection by answering 2 of 3 questions about it. Then we had to put it on a poster using Canva. So we added pictures from the field trip on the poster, with the answers to the questions. Lastly, we did our genius hour projects.

Luke Cristian Alexa Cassidy

3rd Grade Tackle Cubelets Challenges

Jordan is our 3rd grade blogger for the week, and Keely is our photographer.

Today in GT we used robots called Cubelets.They were very cool robots.The way you use Cubelets is by connecting them together.  There are lots of different types of Cubelets like action or sensing. Another thing we talked about is PMI,CAF, growth mindsets,and systems thinking. CAF means consider all factors. PMI means plus minus and interesting.Growth mindset means to not let anything stop you from what you want to accomplish even if it seems to hard.

3rd Grade Begins Work on Genius Hour Presentations

Jordan was our blogger for this week and Keely was our photographer. The Kahoot quizzes Jordan mentions were about having a “Growth Mindset.”

Today in GT we did a project on recycling.   Me and my group made a scavenger hunt for the rest of the class to do.  We also used an app called Kahoot.  Cristian won the first round.  I won the second round.  The last thing we did was test out a new Osmo game that has not even come out yet. It was fun but a little bit scary.  It was the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Grade Learns About Growth Mindset

This week’s 3rd grade blog post was written by Jordan.  Our class photographer is Keely.

Today in GT(gifted and talented) we did a paper about a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.  We also watched a video about it.Today we also read a book called, Your Fantastic Elastic Brain.  We also did a math thing on the ipad.  Mrs. Eichholz showed us a bunch of clues about the problem on the board and we tried to figure out the number.  We really had to use our brains to figure it out!

3rd Grade Does Hexagonal Thinking

Thanks to Cristian, our 3rd grade blogger, and Alexa, our photographer for this week.  As you can see, we had a couple of technical glitches with our hexagonal thinking activity…

Today in class, we wrote messages to teachers at our school. And in those letters, there had to be something you thank them for doing and telling them thankyou. We lastly had to see what words will go with other words. And after we arranged them to how we think they’re supposed to be, we took videos of us telling the person watching why we thought those words go together. Then, when we were uploading the videos, it wouldn’t upload. So we had to download the videos on a completely different app. After all that was done, we shared our videos with the class.

3rd Grade Learns About Reliable Websites

Today’s post was written by Cristian and Alexa was our photographer. Based on Cristian’s 1st sentence it looks like I need to add some zest to our algebra time! 😉

Today in class we did yet another algebra worksheet. We also looked up websites that were reliable on recycling. Then we shared what website we went to and what we learned from that website. We even played an app called “Algebalance.” Which was a game where you have to even the weight of a monster with something else. And you have to do this on a balance. We then tested some robots.

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