2nd Grade Skypes with Yellowstone Park

The 2nd graders Skyped with an employee of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West near Yellowstone Park  this morning, participating in a “virtual field trip” through Skype in the Classroom.  They got a personal tour of some of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West by Megan Smith.  We have been learning about animal adaptations, and the students were able to see examples of adaptations in various habitats of the park. From the big horned sheep to the pronghorn, with interesting revelations about the gray wolf (how its skull size compares to that of a fox!) and the variety of animals that even live in the drier areas, the students learned a wealth of information about a part of our country too far for us to visit on our school bus.  They also got the opportunity to share their own research about Texas animals, including the interesting adaptation of the horned lizard who can squirt blood from its eyes when attacked.

Thanks to Ms. Dickerson, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Skype, and Microsoft for making trips like these possible for our students!

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