4th Grade Works on a Logic App and Internet Searches

Welcome to Connor, our 4th grade photographer!

Here are some of the students’ reflections on our day in GT:

Cristian – Today in class we saw a very short short film about going above and beyond. It also had some other ways to say above and beyond, like, “Shoot for the moon.” It was a really awesome video to watch.  I think everybody else in class enjoyed it too!     

Connor – Today we learned about a new app called zoombini. Zoombinis are very wierd blue things that like to challenge you. I recommend this to you if you like to think G.T style. But the more challenging it is the more fun it can be.

Luke – We got on four websites today and we decided if they were real or a hoax The tree octopus was a fake and one other was fake.

One other thing we did today was to look at and respond to some poetry “masterpieces.”


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