2nd Grade Begins Research of Man-Made Structures

The students investigated some new creation apps (Toontastic and Telestory) today to see if they want to use them for their Biomimicry projects. They will be recording their “commercials” next class, and can choose from the two new apps, Puppet Pals, ChatterPix, or Green Screen. If they want to bring any props or costumes for filming, they are welcome to do so!

The students then did some “detective work.” Each pair had a laptop and an iPad. On the laptop, the students investigated the “Building Big” website by PBS. On the iPads, they filled out a form as they tried to identify famous world structures that started with each letter of the alphabet. They got to see their contributions live on the screen as they added them. You can see the picture below!

We also continued to work at problem-solving stations. You can see some of the Hopscotch valentines we have so far below.

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