Hidden Forest Maker Club

This year, we started the Hidden Forest Maker Club open to students in 2nd-4th grades. The sponsors are Ms. Kirkwood, Mrs. Richardson, and Mrs. Eichholz. We meet with the 24 members every Thursday after school in the portables.  The empty classroom next to Mrs. Eichholz is slowly being transformed into a Maker Studio – which the GT students named B.O.S.S. HQ (Building of Super Stuff Headquarters) last year.

The first project for Maker Club has been to work on the Global Cardboard Challenge. The students are making arcade games out of cardboard using supplies that we purchased with a grant from the North East Education Foundation and cardboard that has been donated from parents and staff members.  We will be taking a select number of the games to the Party Room at Main Event on October 15th where the community will be invited to donate $1 to play the games from 5-9 PM.  There will also be $20 wristbands sold for access to the other activities at Main Event.  All of the money we raise (we will receive $5 from each wristband sold) will go to a charity that is being selected by the students.

To see the inspiration for the Global Cardboard Challenge, check out the Caine’s Arcade Video embedded below.  And, enjoy the pictures that we have taken so far of students in the process of making!

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