3rd Grade Talks about Things That Break Their Hearts

In preparation for the Global Cardboard Challenge, the 3rd graders brainstormed their passions today.  Then they identified something that “breaks” their hearts about each one. We did this activity to help decide the charity that we are going to raise money for with our cardboard arcade on October 15th.  Here was their list:

Things That Break Our Heart – 3rd Grade

Nature – People cutting down trees in the Amazon Rainforest

Ocean – Pollution in the ocean

Recycling – Throwing away instead of recycling

Animals – Dying from pollution

Soccer – People getting injured

People – People being mean to others

Animals – People are cruel to animals

Gardens – Droughts

Recycling – Throwing away instead of recycling

Basketball – Too much fighting

Football – Head injuries

Soccer – People deliberately break rules that could injure others

Reading – Tragic novels

Fish – People taking fins off of big fish

Animals – Killing animals for skin

Soccer – People getting hurt

Bugs – People killing them

School – Things are sometimes too hard

Soccer – Too many injuries

Hiking – Injuries during hiking

After we looked at the list, we identified some of the major trends:

Sports-related injuries

Cruelty to animals


I will be doing this activity with 4th and 5th grade as well.  Hopefully we will see something that is important to many of the students and narrow down a charity that will be meaningful to them.

The students also presented their Powtoons and began work on their cardboard games.  It was a busy day!

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