2nd Grade Finishes Puppet Pals Presentations

Due to the field trip on Monday, 2nd grade GT was held today, Wednesday.  Our last class is next Monday since there is no school the last Monday of May (Memorial Day).

Last week, the students recorded presentations about their structures using the Puppet Pals app, but they realized they needed to revise them after we played them in class.  This week, they worked on improving them.  Unfortunately, we could not play them for everyone as our projector seems to have shorted out due to the big storm the other night!

The students also tried out a new iPad game called “Words.” It is similar to the Tangram game they have been playing during centers, but this time they used letters on the table to guess words that were on the screen. They seemed to agree that this game is their favorite!  It is currently being beta tested, but the company hopes to make a big announcement next week about when it will officially go on sale.

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