Third Grade Prepares Interview Questions

Due to STAAR testing on Tuesday, 3rd grade had a shortened GT period, but got quite a bit done.  They worked on questions to ask administrators at other schools about how they handle cafeteria behavior.  The questions were placed on something called Flipgrid, where they will hopefully get answers from administrators all over the world.  They are also planning to do a Skype interview with an administrator next week to get more ideas on how to limit noise and mess in the cafeteria as part of their Genius Hour/Systems Thinking projects.

The 3rd graders also got to try to new beta version of the Hopscotch app, which is an iPad app for programming.  Hopscotch is already available for free downloads, but the company is working on updating the app, and they want feedback from as many people as possible.  Considering the 3rd graders hadn’t used Hopscotch before, they did pretty well in the small amount of time they had!

We also want to thank the Castleberry family for their recent donation of some new Cubelets and Lego Adapters from our class wish list.  We hope to get started using them next week!

One thought on “Third Grade Prepares Interview Questions

  1. I can’t wait to see what fun things you create with the Cubelets and Lego Adapters! Let your imaginations run wild!

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