3rd Grade Learns About the “5 Why’s That Make You Wise”

In our new book, Billibonk and the Big Itch, the main character learns that it is important to keep asking, “Why?” to get to the root of a problem. Often, we try to fix the symptom instead of the real problem, and we end up continuing to have trouble. This is part of the systems thinking that the students are going to apply to their Genius Hour projects.

Based on the survey that we did of the school a couple of weeks ago, the biggest problem that we have at our school is noise in the cafeteria. The two girls have decided to try to tackle that problem. By asking 5 “Why’s”, the determined that people are talking loudly because they want attention. It will be interesting to see what solution they come up with for this problem!

The boys are also working on a cafeteria problem – the trash that is often left on the floor. In an unusual twist, the boys diverged in their answers to the “Why” questions. One boy feels that the ultimate issue is that students don’t respect the adults in the room, and another one feels that they don’t respect themselves enough (they leave trash on the floor because they want to be first in line to get recognition for being the “best”). They are both going to work on separate solutions, but help each other. (Win/Win!)

We also did some Contrasting Facts math today, and had a bit of time for the Maker Studio. One student figured out a way to use light to make the Cubelets go faster or slower, and I’ve embedded the video beneath the pictures from today.

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