5th Grade Makes Major Progress on Genius Hour

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Today’s blog post is brought to you by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we did testing for 30 minutes. That was not fun.

On happier notes, we did Genius Hour, and everyone is finishing up their projects (yay!). Hopefully, we should all get to create one more project before the year is over (gasp!). A message for the 5th graders – WORK HARDER!

We watched a new Kid President video as well, (attached below for your convenience).

We read ‘The Giver’, and are unfortunately nearing the end.

Last of all, Mrs. Eichholz explained Doodle4Google, a cool event where you draw a picture with the word ‘Google’ in it, according to the theme. The theme is… (dramatic pause)  ‘An invention that would make the world a better place’. Get sketching!

 Come back next week!

P.S. – Here is the Kid President website 🙂

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