5th Grade Experiences Google Glass

Today’s blog post was written by Aubrie, and photographs were taken by Anna and Mr. Belford.

In G.T. today we had a 2 special guests. Mr. Madden, father of a 4th grade G.T. student, had purchased a device called ‘Google Glass’. He explained to us what it was, how it worked, and answered all our questions about it. He even let us try it on, and we got to look up something, or watch a video, on it! Our other guest, Mr. Belford, was here to learn about Aurasma. Aurasma is a cool app that lets you scan a certain picture, and then a short video pops up!

We also worked on Genius Hour, and did the cruel challenges. Next time we do Genius Hour, a few of us might be ready to present! Anna was the first to present hers, and she did a scavenger hunt about Faberge’s eggs.

We discussed Google Glass and ‘The Giver’, and watched a Kid President video as well.

The class pets are on hold right now, but we hope we get more soon!

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