5th Grade Has our 1st Genius Hour Presentation of the Year

Today’s blog post is by Aubrie.

Today in G.T. we spent a lot of time on Genius Hour. We did the (extremely) evil challenges as well.

We also read ‘The Giver’, and discussed the chapters we read.

Lastly, we did Maker’s Studio, now called ‘B.O.S.S. HQ.’, which stands for Building of Super Structures. Only people who were on level 3 (we rank ourselves based on the number of Class Dojo points we have), (which means that you have 21 points and up),could do it. In B.O.S.S. HQ., we got to paint the sign reading:B.O.S.S. HQ., use mini electronic ‘robots’ called Little Bits, and use the newly-acquired 3Doodler pen, which can melt plastic and make 3-dimensional pictures!

See you next week!

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