5th Grade Continues to Tackle Genius Hour Challenges

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Aubrie:

Today in G.T. we focused mainly on Genius Hour. Some of us were even daring enough to try an evil level 3 challenge card, such as: Interview a person outside of G.T., or put a timeline in your final project.

Our main goals for Genius Hour were:

Alex and Kenneth: Create a Lego stop-motion movie

Harrison and Cooper: Learn more about fish and other creatures

Kris and Conner: Create a plane that can fly 25 feet in 10 seconds

Paige: Learn more about albino animals

Alexia: Learn why dogs are important to humans

Anna: Find out about Faberge’s Eggs

Aubrie: Learn about Grover Cleveland

We watched a Kid President video called ‘Your 20 things we should say more often.”

We also read ‘The Giver’, and discussed the community.

Lastly, we beta-tested the game ‘Word’, where two teams try to describe a picture in one word, and place the letters in front of the screen.

Editor’s Note:  We also have some pictures of Aubrie (above) standing at our Genius Bar.  She brought some foreign coins to share with the class.

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